Chatty Catty - The Top 7 Most Vocal Cat Breeds

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Karen Dell

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08 February 2018

Meows and chirps and purrs, oh my! Do you have a vocal cat? Kittens use the Power of Meow to get attention from their mother while adult cats almost exclusively meow for their hooman. In fact a cat rarely meows to communicate with other cats! We cat lovers really do have the best fur babies EVER.

When it comes to a good kitty convo, some cat breeds are more likely than others to spin a yarn. Let’s have a chat with the top 7 most vocal cat breeds!


All hail the Siamese cat, the Queen of Cat Sounds! This elegant and enigmatic cat breed really knows how to have a chat and their vocalisations often sound more like a reow than a meow.


The Burmese cat breed can be just as chatty as the Siamese, but they tend to be slightly more polite, opting for musical meows over the dramatic reow of their Siamese cat kin.


The weird but wonderful Sphynx cat breed likes to tell you stories. These unique, affectionate and very vocal cats can regale you for hours as they snuggle for warmth with their favourite hooman.


Although they look wild, the Bengal cat breed is nothing but a snuggle monster with a fancy rosette coat. These exotic fur babies like to meow back to their hooman’s questions and chirp at any and all passing birds.


The alluring Tonkinese cat has inherited their Siamese forefathers’ gift of the gab and is one of the most vocal cat breeds you will come across. The playful nature of the Tonkinese means that any game of fetch will be accompanied by a generous amount of commentary.

Maine Coon

Maine Coon cats are the champions of chirping. This fluffy and super-sized cat breed is renowned for warbling from the windowsill at backyard birds. Not to be outdone by their vocal cat contemporaries, a Maine Coon pudda will also purr and meow with the best of them.

Oriental Shorthair

As demonstrated by this video, Oriental Shorthair cats are utterly unique in their visage AND their vocalisations. What honking hooman wouldn’t want to have a kitty conversation with this adorable elf?

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