5 Reasons to Love Sphynx Cats

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Karen Dell

Senior Editor • Backyard Cat Enclosures

20 September 2016

Illustration of Sphynx CatDon’t be scared, please don’t be scared. No, please don’t run away. I’m friendly, honestly. I’m a Sphynx and probably one of the more controversial breeds of cats out there. Just give me five minutes, and you’ll see that we’re one of the best cat breeds and that I’m actually quite beautiful - well that’s what my mum says.

A Freak Mutation

I’ve heard humans refer to my fellow Sphynx and I as mutants - we don’t like this - but we acknowledge that without a mutated gene we wouldn’t exist and our mutation makes us, well,  special. It all started in Canada with a delightful furless feline called Prune, Prune was the only hairless kitten in her litter but thankfully her owners could see her beauty and crossed her with another hairless cat to create a new cat breed: The Sphynx.

Bald is beautiful

We know what people say about us: we need a good iron, we look like we’re inside out, we resemble an uncooked chicken or an alien but if you actually look at us you’ll see that we’re actually quite beautiful, in an unconventional way, and as I’ll explain later a lot of our beauty comes from within.

Don’t be fooled by our lack of fur, we still need a lot of grooming but we’re so good natured that we’ll let you do what you need to to keep us healthy and happy.

Two Sphynx are Better than One

While we’re the kind of cat breed that loves giving and receiving snuggles and cuddles - we really do love them - we’re also pretty active. We’d rather sit quietly on your knee while you’re at the computer than try and “help” you type your emails but we do like to play. Ideally you’d stay at home and give us your undivided attention all day, every day but we understand that that’s just not realistic, so how about giving us a friend to play and explore an outdoor enclosure with. We’ll all be much happier that way.

We’re Victims of Character Assassination

Thanks to Dr Evil and the writers of ‘FRIENDS’ Sphynx have become a severely misunderstood cat breed. I can’t tell you how outraged we were when we saw that a fellow Sphynx had been cast as an evil side kick in Austin Powers or the total dismay we felt when we saw how they portrayed us in ‘FRIENDS’. These are completely unfair and unfounded depictions of our breed. We’re an incredibly friendly cat breed, great with kids and love nothing more than a cuddling up with you. I know we don’t look like we give good cuddles but trust me on this one, we just want to be loved.

There’s A Cat for Everyone

We have a great thing going for us with the hairless deal. We know it’s a source of great debate and name calling but our lack of fur means we are hypoallergenic which makes us a great cat breed for cat lovers with a cat allergy so there’s no need to lose out on a catty companion.

Well I’ve done my best to convince you that we’re not evil or ugly but I know you might need a bit more information - check out my breed profile here.


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