About Us

Welcome to Backyard Cat Enclosures! We are an Australian owned and operated company, established by two cat lovers.

My partner and I fell in love with animals long before we met each other: I was the cat person to match his dog-loving ways. My first cat was an adorable little Burmese that my parents surprised me with one sunny Christmas morning, and she started a lifelong obsession with this amazing breed.

Our last cat, Ebby, lived to a ripe old 21 years. She was an indoor-only Burmese who ruled the household with typical feline grace. It almost goes without saying, but the dogs ate last; shortly followed by the humans.  

Despite her household empire, Ebby seemed fascinated by the world outdoors. There were a handful of escape attempts, and a sprinkling of entreating looks and meows. But we’d read the statistics, and dealt with our fair share of snakes, so we had no choice but to disobey.

We started Backyard Cat Enclosures because we wanted to give you a choice: to give cats like Ebby the chance to enjoy nature, in safety. We understand the need for top-quality happy and safe cat enclosures for outside playtime. We know there are thousands of other cat lovers who feel the way we do.

Maybe you’re one of them?