The Most Affectionate Cat Breeds

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Karen Dell

Senior Editor • Backyard Cat Enclosures

16 September 2016

Snuggle bugs

These kitties just want to cuddle, it’s as simple as that! If your free hand isn’t stroking them at every available opportunity, something is wrong.

The (near) hairless Sphynx may not look the part, but this delightful cat is the most friendly creature you’ll ever meet. They are sometimes called ‘velcro cats’ - not because they went out of style in the early 90s, but because of their tendency to stick close to their human servant. Your lap belongs to your Sphynx now, and you’d better get used to it.

Devon, Cornish and Sphynx cat breeds

Like the Sphynx, the Devon and Cornish Rex cat breeds think of you as an extension to their little body. Who are you to argue with your feline overlord? Don’t be surprised to find them on your shoulder or peeking out from under your covers. Cynics will point out that these breeds only want your body heat, but cynics haven’t heard the satisfied purr of a cuddled kitty. Love never sounded so sweet.

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Sleepy heads

These cat breeds just can’t wait to sink into your lap and into a scratch-fuelled cat nap. Purrfect for the low intensity household!

Did the name give it away? The Ragdoll takes relaxation to new heights with its uncanny ability to go completely limp in your arms. Your cat is the gentlest of giants and will get along with anyone that respects its right to sleep wherever and whenever it wants. Not to worry though, you’ll always be its favourite, and during its waking hours don’t be surprised to find the Ragdoll tailing you all around the house.

Ragdoll and Scottish Fold cat breeds

Know that your legs will go numb long before your Scottish Fold voluntarily leaves your lap. The Scottish Fold lives to nap, and is possibly the most creative sleeper in the entire animal kingdom. They will splay themselves in gymnastic positions worthy of a gold medal: the Scottish Fold quite literally entertains you in its sleep.

See also: British Shorthair, Himalayan

Attention grabbers

Some kitties just can’t get enough of you. If they’re not the centre of your attention, you’ll be the centre of theirs. Their favourite word? Playtime.

Don’t freak out, but the Burmese might be just a little bit obsessed with you. How else do you explain your cat’s interest in the most mundane chores: you can’t seriously expect us to believe this cat breed is interested in your indoor herb garden (unless catnip is involved, of course). Toys might keep your Burmese interested for a while, but at the end of the day the ultimate toy is their living, breathing human plaything.

Abyssinian and Burmese cat breeds

A master acrobat, the Abyssinian will take every possible opportunity to show off its impressive skills. This cat breed is full of energy and looks forward to your regularly scheduled playtime like no other. For this reason, the Aby will get along great with kids, dogs, and even other, friendly animals. When you’re not playing, expect your cat to shadow you around the house, waiting for the tiniest sliver of attention.

See also: Russian Blue, Bengal, Tonkinese


Both the DLH and DSH are so variable in temperament that there’s really no way of telling what kind of personality to expect. However, the golden rule is a universal one: treat others how you want to be treated! A cat that is given love and attention will repay you in kind. A loved kitty is a loving kitty, regardless of breed.

See also: all kitties, everywhere.

Domestic longhair and shorthair cat breeds

Now that you’ve found the right feline for you, make them a friend for life with an outdoor cat enclosure. Or, if you’re looking for toys and treats to pamper your cat with, look no further.


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