A Guide to the Australian Mist Cat

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Karen Dell

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22 September 2016

australian mist cat breed profile infographic


The Australian Mist is a true-blue Aussie feline developed by Dr. Truda Straede. The good doctor wanted to develop a cat breed that could peacefully co-exist with our native wildlife. What resulted is a wonderfully gentle kitty that combines the inquisitive traits of the Burmese, the playful edge of Abyssinians and the iconic look of the domestic tabby. We think it’s a match made in heaven.


What can we say, of course they’re adorable! We can (almost) let the picture speak for itself, but prose lovers, read on! Their handsome spots or marbling stand out against a lighter undercoat of dusty grey or pale blue, pastel peach or sunbleached brown. And don’t worry about getting your cat confused with any neighbourhood tabbies - the markings around their face and neck are as unique as your kitty’s personality, and make them easy to spot and identify.


The Australian Mist was bred to be easy going, and you’ll have trouble finding a more relaxed feline. While they can be quite energetic kittens, they are gentle creatures at all ages. Unless you’re a couch, or a scratching post (and how could you be reading this?), don’t even worry about seeing their claws. They make great apartment cats, but with a little training they’ll appreciate a brisk walk in their stylish harness, and they’ll definitely take every opportunity to sunbake in their outdoor enclosure. If you’re looking for a purrfectly laid back companion, your search ends here.


The Australian Mist is a very low-maintenance kitty - a weekly brushing will earn you all the brownie points you need. Don’t forget the usual dental care, claw clipping, and to keep up with your annual vet check.

Selective breeding programs have minimised the risk of genetic abnormalities and hereditary illnesses. Lighter-coloured Mists do have a slight tendency to allergies and skin cancer - yet another good reason to keep your kitty inside. Take good care for your Australian Mist and they’ll be a loving, playful companion for many years to come.

Suggested Names

We’ve tried to keep our patriotism in check, but when it comes to naming your Australian Mist you just can’t overlook these Aussie legends:

  • Ned
  • Matilda
  • Banjo
  • Irwin
  • Sia

If you haven’t already rushed out to get one, we’ll help you fall in love with the Mist. Or, if you need more information on taking care of your brand new kitty, check out this article.


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