5 Reasons to Love Australian Mist Cats

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Karen Dell

Senior Editor • Backyard Cat Enclosures

20 September 2016

G’day, mate. No offense, but let’s not yabber - we both know why you’re here: to get the drum on what a fantastic cat the Australian Mist is.

You love a sunburnt country

Fact is, if you’re looking for a fair dinkum, Australian kitty cat then look no further. This is the original and only Paw-stralian to be bred in this land girt by sea. And given the wonderful melting pot we live in, isn’t it only right that this cat breed is a fabulous blend of the Burmese and Abyssinian. Grouse!

They’ve got that classic cat look

This feline is an absolute beaut, just look at it. Like an upgraded edition of that adorable tabby that lurked your local bakery, begging for scraps of sausage roll. Their coat is usually spotted, and comes in heaps of different colours, including (true) blue, grey, peach and brown, and the variety is only growing. Fact is, they used to be called the Spotted Mist before some legend introduced the marbled variety.

They’re easygoing

In its human form, this cat’d probably be pretty chuffed lazing around on the verandah with a Cab Sav. In cat form… well, things really aren’t that different, just hold the wine - your cat is unpredictable enough without getting on the booze. Instead, give your kitty some catnip, and keep the bottle to yourself. Everyone’s a winner!

They’re good mates

Just because they like to relax doesn’t mean the Australian Mist cat doesn’t like to play, and it’ll get along great with the kids, or even your dog. But, don’t even think about taking it out for a game of footy - it can’t even kick a ball, ya fruit loop, buy it some toys instead! In fact, this cat breed is perfectly happy inside, out of the bush and away from native critters. The Australian Mist cat: a true paw-triot.

They’re clever clogs

The Australian Mist cat is a piece of cake to train. Well, compared to other cats. Go on, give it a burl! In no time your feline will be tramping with the best of them. Grab your cat a leash and strut your stuff.

Looking for more on the Australian Mist cat? We’ve got you sorted. Or, if you’re looking for some ripper toys for your kitty, check out our range.


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