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Karen Dell

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27 September 2016

We know you love your cat but we also know that you’re a busy person, we get that. Your cat on the other hand is probably less inclined to see anything more important than play time or dinner time. At the end of a long day it can be hard to summon the energy to give your cat the playtime that it needs, but thankfully there are a wide range of cat toys available that can keep your playful pudda entertained.

Here are the top five cat toys to keep your furball mentally and physically stimulated:

Scratching Post

Scratching posts consist of a pole or board covered in rope or carpeting as the name suggests it is ideal for scratching or for hanging suspension toys from.

  • Benefits

The scratching post is a simple but essential toy for any cat, not only is it great for their physical condition, allowing them to exercise while keeping their claws in proper shape without traumatic trips to a groomer, but it’s also beneficial to their mental state as it helps them alleviate stress - think of it as the feline equivalent to cracking open a bottle of wine after a hard day. When it comes to a scratching post the taller the better as this will allow your cat to scratch at full stretch. It’s also an ideal way of protecting your furniture from scratch induced damage.

Hidey hole tree

A hidey hole tree is essentially a multi-level climbing frame for cats, usually made up of scratching posts, hiding places and suspension toys.

  • Benefits

A hidey hole tree is ideal for curious cats who like to explore and pampered kitties who need a space to relax. It allows cats to exercise while practicing natural behaviors such as climbing, jumping and balancing as well as providing them with a cosy retreat.

Hanging suspension toys

Hanging suspension toys come in all forms, from balls to feathers. Hanging suspension toys are ideal for attaching to a scratching post or a hidey hole tree.

  • Benefits

There’s something irresistibly cute about watching a cat pouncing playfully, it’s enough to turn even the most cynical person into a cat lover but there’s no denying that your cat is a predator. If given the chance, your cat would probably prefer to hunt our native wildlife - consider an outdoor enclosure stocked with hanging toys as an alternative to allow your cat to practice its natural predatory skills.

Puzzle toys

Puzzle toys come in many different forms but simply put these toys dispense food and challenge your cat to get to the tasty treats you’ve hidden inside.

  • Benefits

Puzzle toys are a great way of keeping your cat mentally stimulated and entertained when you’re not around. It also stimulates their natural behavior of making them work for their food. A great solution for cats that are watching their weight.

Play tunnel

A play tunnel is just a tunnel. This simple toy will provide your cat with hours of entertainment and varies in design, from a simple tube with one entry and one exit to those with multiple cross sections and even tunnels with windows.

  • Benefits

Whether they’re chasing their friends or preparing to pounce on something the major benefit of a play tunnel is allowing your cat that vital exercise that we keep harping on about but it also provides your cat with a quiet corner to sit and contemplate all its catty thoughts.

After playing with this lot your cat will be ready to curl up on your lap at the end of a long, hard play day.

Want to see these toys in action? Step right on up! 


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