5 Reasons an Outdoor Enclosure is Best for Your Cat

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Karen Dell

Senior Editor • Backyard Cat Enclosures

06 September 2016

Most cats are intrigued by the great outdoors, and who can blame them with all the excitement happening out there? However, letting your cat roam free is not the right thing to do - according to ABC estimates, outdoor cats live an average of 4 years compared to 14 years for our indoor companions. Although some breeds may be content with a life indoors, letting your cat outside has some real benefits. Good news! Buying an outdoor cat enclosure gives you the best of both worlds on a budget, without the headaches of a DIY solution.

An outdoor cat enclosure gives your cat space to play

Like their wild ancestors, domestic cats have a natural instinct for climbing and play. And while kitty may enjoy the occasional wrestle with their human, there’s no denying that they appreciate a space of their own to retreat to. An outdoor cat enclosure or cat run lets your felines take in the fresh smells of the outdoors and gives them plenty of space for frolicking. Keep the enclosure stocked with cat toys and provide vertical space to make it the best gift your furry friend could imagine.

They keep your cat safe outdoors

There’s no denying that the wide world is no place for your pampered pudda pals - the reduced lifespan speaks for itself. Some of the dangers include:

  • Traffic accidents, which are the foremost cause of unexpected death in outdoor cats
  • Animals, including dogs and other cats
  • Disease, including Feline Immunodeficiency Virus, fleas, and other parasites
  • Poison, including fertiliser, lures and native plants
  • Theft

A secure outdoor cat enclosure like those in our range will keep your kitty out of harm’s way, and in your loving arms, for years to come. A DIY cat enclosure, unless built by an expensive professional, will not offer the same protection.

They keep your cat healthy

Giving your cat space to play will keep it healthy and fit, but there is more to an outdoor enclosure than exercise. A well-placed cat enclosure will let your kitty bask in sunlight and give it essential Vitamin D. Shine on, you crazy diamonds. Speaking of, keeping your cat in a controlled environment, and out of the neighbour’s rubbish or vegetable garden will keep its coat looking clean and beautiful - and your neighbour might appreciate it too!

Also, remember that even the most friendly cat is actually quite introverted, even territorial, and has a need to feel in control of its own space. Without a private space to hide, they may suffer unnecessary anxiety. An outdoor enclosure gives your cat an escape for its reclusive moods, where it can lounge in safety without those annoying humans watching its every move.

An outdoor cat enclosure protects local wildlife

Those sharp teeth and razor claws weren’t made just for shredding furniture, important mail or your favourite shoes. It might be hard to believe, but your cuddly little friend is actually a purrfect predator. The ABC estimates that feral cats kill as many as 23 million native animals a day. Though your domesticated pal may seem friendly as can be, critters are much more likely to see their wild side. Our native wildlife is found nowhere else in the world, so if you love Aussie animals keep them out of kitty’s jaws with a secure outdoor cat enclosure.

They are great for cats of any age

Most cats will be perfectly content living within the boundaries of their home and enclosure. Don’t tempt them with roaming and they won’t be tempted by the forbidden fruit. However, older cats accustomed to total freedom may find it more difficult to adjust. They may get restless, moody and even depressed if restricted to the indoors. An outdoor enclosure or run makes a great com-paw-mise. A fun, private space will help even the most stubborn cat lose the urge to wander.

If you’re interested in high-quality secure enclosures and runs, see our range - your cat will love you for it!


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