The Best Cat Toys for Your Outdoor Cat Run

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Karen Dell

Senior Editor • Backyard Cat Enclosures

27 September 2016

The grass under their paws, space to run and jump around and safety. A secure outdoor cat run is the perfect compromise for you and your cat; they can play outdoors to their hearts content while you have the peace of mind that they are safe. What more could you want? We can’t speak for you but your cat probably wants a few more cat toys in its enclosure just to keep things interesting.

Cat Run Scratching Post

The scratching post is a staple for all cats. It’s a basic cat toy but it’s one that will provide your cat with hours of entertainment. Not only is it great for their physical condition, allowing them to exercise while keeping their claws in good shape but it’s also beneficial to their mental state as it helps relieve stress - but how stressed can a cat be in a run full of cat toys? When choosing a scratching post,  the taller the better, as it gives your cat a chance to scratch at full stretch.

Hidey hole tree

A hidey hole tree is the ideal addition to your cat run as it provides your cat with multiple levels of climbing space and jumping platforms allowing them to take full advantage of the vertical space their cat run gives them.

Hanging suspension toys

You don’t have to be a cat lover to know that cats love to play, pounce and chase anything that dangles in front of them. There’s a wide range of dangly cat toys on the market that can be attached to mesh structures, perfect for a cat run. Better yet find cat toys that are detachable so you can change its position every so often and keep things fresh.

Puzzle toys

Puzzle cat toys are a great way of keeping your kitty mentally stimulated and entertained when you’re not around. They also stimulate their natural behaviour of working for their food, you could intensify the progress by hiding the puzzle toys in different places around the run.

Play tunnel

While it’s great to see your cat jumping into all that vertical space and climbing the mesh structure of their cat run, it’s also nice to see your cat making the most of the floor space they have available. A play tunnel is the perfect way to introduce a new dimension of play to your cat run.

Of course, introducing cat toys to your pudda's play space is just one way to keep your cat run interesting! Click here for more ideas. Or, if you need help choosing the purrfect cat run, look this way!


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