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Karen Dell

Senior Editor • Backyard Cat Enclosures

20 September 2016

There’s no pussy footing around the fact that cats love to be outside. Trying to keep your cat inside is like trying to pick a lock with a piece of spaghetti - it’s just not going to happen and frankly, it’s a waste of time! We know you want the best for your kitty so why not com-purrr-mise and give them the outdoor experience they long for while keeping them safe?

Safety First

Turn your back for five minutes and your cat has already got themselves into mischief - this mother knows how that feels! For our furry, four-legged feline friends all the world's a jungle and adventure could be around any corner. But that adventure has its fair share of danger as these kittens show….OK, so, going down a slide isn’t exactly the work of stunt doubles - that drop at the end probably hurt - but letting your cat outside makes it vulnerable to some very real danger which a secure cat run can protect it from.

Walk on the Wildside

With relatives like lions, tigers, jaguars and leopards it’s hardly surprising that these domestic cats like to show off their natural hunter instincts. While this Kangaroo was too big for this kitty to bring down not all of Australia’s wildlife is big enough to defend itself against a natural born hunter like your cat. A secure cat run keeps wildlife off the menu and your cat happy and safe. 

Let Meowt

You can practically hear your cat calling “let me-owt” and it’s a call you should answer.  Cats have a natural desire to prowl through the grass, feel the wind through its fur as it flies through the air and feel the sun on its furry face. A secure cat run will allow your cat to experience all this and more which makes for one happy cat (Sun Visor optional).

Cats and Kittens

A cat run or outdoor enclosure is purrrfect for cats of all ages. Like most things it’s a case of the earlier the better, kittens will love the feeling of freedom they get from having such a big outdoor space to play in. Whereas it might take a little longer for a predominantly outdoor cat to readjust to a smaller territory.


If you haven’t worked it out by now, cats love to play! A run is essentially an outdoor play centre for cats, so let them play in it. Fill it with some of your kitty's favourite toys and give them multiple levels to explore to keep them stimulated and happy.

So there you have it. Read more about the benefits of letting your kitty experience the outdoors in complete safety here or check out our range of cat runs and outdoor enclosures.


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