5 Reasons a Cat Run is Good for Your Cat

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Karen Dell

Senior Editor • Backyard Cat Enclosures

06 September 2016

It’s true, your cat is part of a long line of fine-tuned alpha predators - the jaguar, the leopard, the tiger - so fearsome! But thanks to hundreds of years of pampering at the hands of loving humans like yourself, today’s domestic kitty isn’t quite the lone wanderer of their jungle-dwelling past. Your feline friend depends on you, human. Your mission? Indulging their instincts while keeping them happy and safe. And how does a cat run help you do that? We’re glad you asked.

A cat run helps your cat stay happy and healthy

Most kitties are wild at heart - with a strong instinct for climbing and play. A cat run is a fantastic space for them to let their hair down - pack it full of toys, climbing spots and other fun activities, and watch it become your cat’s favourite hangout. A cat run is a great change-of-pace from indoor living and let’s your cat take in the fine (and less fine) smells, sights and sounds of the outdoors. A cat run also makes a great escape for your cat’s occasional reclusive moods, as even the most social cat sometime needs a little ‘me’ time, without which it might become stressed and upset.

A cat run keeps kitty safe

It might sound crazy, but the dangers of the jungle are no match for your suburban neighbourhood. Whereas kitty was once top of the food chain, now it shares the road with cars, dogs and un-enslaved humans. All of these dangers mean that the average outdoor cat lives only 4 years, versus 14 years for your indoor kitty. For this reason, we recommend keeping your cat inside, and buying it a cat run when it wants to enjoy what the outdoors has to offer. A cat run protects your cat from risk of:

  • Traffic, which is the leading cause of unexpected death in outdoor cats
  • Animals, including dogs and other cats
  • Disease, including fleas, parasites, and the fatal Feline Immunodeficiency Virus
  • Poison, including fertiliser, pesticides, and toxic plants
  • Theft, or worse, from ill-meaning humans

Make sure you can enjoy kitty’s company for years to come by keeping your cat inside or in a cat run.

A cat run protects local wildlife

That said, while kitty may not be at the top of the food chain anymore, it’s certainly no slouch - something our native wildlife learns every single day. We know your cat is a cuddly, affectionate little creature when it’s in your arms, but watch them swipe at the feather toy and you might get a glimpse of their sharp animal instincts. The ABC estimates that cats kill as many as 23 million native animals per day, many of them endangered. Most of our native wildlife is found nowhere else in the world - so, if you love the bilby, the wallaby or the numbat, keep them off the dinner menu by keeping your cat in a cat run.

A cat run is for all-ages

Cats are creatures of habit, so if you get kitty started on the cat run lifestyle from an early age, you should have no problems with keeping them close to home. Kittens will just love prancing in their cat run, playing in the grass, and won’t much mind what they’re missing out on in the neighbouring yard. On the other hand, an older cat that is used to roaming may have difficulty adjusting to a smaller territory. For them, a cat run makes a terrific com-purr-mise for making the transition to indoor living. Think of the cat run like a nicotine patch for the outdoors!

A cat run travels with you and your cat

Our cat run’s are extremely simple to assemble - no need for cutting, sawing, sanding or any of the other tasks that can quickly turn your DIY dreams into two Panadols and a stress nap. And they’re just as easy to pull back down, making them perfect for renters, or anyone on the move.

Check out our runs here and get those kitties out and about safely.


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