Your Cat's Annual Vet Visit

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Karen Dell

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21 September 2016

It’s tempting to view regular vet visits  as an unnecessary expense - after all, your cat looks perfectly fit and healthy traipsing around its outdoor enclosure! But cats are notoriously good at playing it cool, and often you won’t be able to spot symptoms until they’re really serious. However, an expert eye will see through the facade - that’s why an annual health check for your cat is a must.

Regularly examining your cat at home will allow you to identify some early signs of illness, but your vet will be able to diagnose, treat and prevent any potential problems as well as making sure your pet's vaccinations are up to date.

Breathe easy! Generally an annual vet health check is nothing to worry about. Your vet will carry out a non-invasive examination on your cat, taking into account your cat’s age, breed and past medical history. If your cat is elderly you may want to have more regular checkups to catch any problems nice and early.

What will the vet be looking for?

  • Even if you’re not planning to travel with your cat, all his vaccinations should be up-to-date including those against feline flu, enteritis, leukaemia, chlamydia and rabies.
  • Your cat’s weight and good general body condition for his breed which will include checking his joint movement.
  • Examination of your cat's heart and respiratory system to ensure they are working at a healthy rate.
  • They’re likely to discuss parasite control which will include the latest flea and tick control products - remember that although summer is peak season for fleas they can live in your home all year round.
  • Discussion of your current worming routine and recommendations.
  • Discussion of your cat’s behaviour and any personality changes that may signal a developing health problem.
  • Healthy teeth - no matter how thoroughly you manage to clean your cat’s teeth he can still benefit from a more meticulous clean which your cat will have carried out under anaesthesia.

Paying the bill is probably the most painful part of the whole experience, but know that you did the right thing for your furby - it’s part and parcel of the priceless feeling of owning a cat.  You can find out more about how to keep your cat in tip-top condition in our Healthy Cat Checklist.


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