5 Reasons to Love Ragdoll Cats

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Karen Dell

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20 September 2016

The 60s were characterised by big hair, big loving and big change and the feline world was not immune to this. It was a decade that saw the introduction of the Ragdoll cat. This new cat breed encapsulated everything that was glamourous about the 60s.

The Swinging 60s

The Ragdoll cat is a relatively new breed of cat developed in the 1960s by Ann Baker, who made some far out remarks about the breed claiming that they were a fusion of cat, human and alien DNA. All Ragdolls are the descendants of the original glamour puss, Josephine.

Spacing out

Although this breed was developed in the swinging 60s you’re unlikely to see this breed swinging through the trees. This is a cat that knows how to relax and as the name suggests you are much more likely to find it lying limply around the house. It’s calm and tolerant temperament make it a great pet for an apartment or families with children and dogs.

The Bigger the Better

The 1960s was an era defined by glamour. It was a case of the bigger the hair the better and the Ragdoll cat, with its mass of soft and fluffy fur, is no exception. In fact, everything about this cat is big, its big bones and chunky paws contribute to its title as the one of the biggest domestic cats with males weighing as much as 9kg.

Much like the glamour pusses of the 60s all that fur needs to be kept in good condition, Ragdolls should be anything but raggy in appearance so a bi-weekly brush is required to stop their luscious locks from matting and causing hairballs. Fear not though, Ragdolls relish a bit of pampering and will lay calmly while you brush them, providing you with an opportunity to relax and bond with each other.

Free Love

Ragdolls are incredibly affectionate and loyal cat breed. These lazy, lolloping cats love nothing more than curling up with their owner for a bit of loving and a pat. So switch off the lights, turn on your lava lamp and bliss out with your Ragdoll cat.

Hello Blue Eyes

While their size and fur give Ragdolls a distinctive appearance, their defining feature is their beautiful, big blue eyes; eerily beautiful, they could be the inspiration for Ann's claims that Ragdolls have an extra terrestrial link!

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