Does My Cat Love Me?

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Karen Dell

Senior Editor • Backyard Cat Enclosures

23 September 2016

Since the moment you first laid eyes on him, the moment you first held him, you knew. He was the one. You’ve fed him, played with him, taken him to the vet’s and watched him grow. There are few relationships that rival the sincerity of a bond between a cat and its servant… I mean, friend.

Your love for him is unconditional - he’s soiled your carpet more times than you can count and there isn’t a stick of furniture in your house that doesn’t bear at least a couple of his signature claw marks. But does he feel the same way about you? We’re here to tell you not to worry - your cat does love you, it’s just he can’t always be bothered to show it.

The Look of Love

Cats do not make eye contact with people unless they trust them. Animal behaviourists believe that if your cat stares at you, blinks, then opens his eyes wide, then slowly blinks again he’s giving you the equivalent of a kiss. Soak it up, human.

I Knead You

Kneading is a behaviour learned during kittenhood and as such is a sign that your cat is content. You’re likely to experience this while he’s cuddled up with you but it can be a painful display of affection as the happier he is the harder he’ll press with his claws. Sometimes, love hurts.

Me-ow and you fur ever

Cats rarely “meow” to communicate with each other, it is reserved especially for human interaction. Although there are hundreds of possible translations of “meow” the fact your cat is openly communicating with you is a good sign. Work on training your ear, and you might find yourself understanding more than you thought possible.

Head to head

It may seem illogical, but being head butted by your cat is a good thing. Cats use this loving gesture to transfer feline pheromones onto their human marking you as their territory and claiming you as part of their pride. Okay, so maybe love and ownership isn’t the same thing, but who’s counting?

Tummy Time

The only time you will see your cat's tummy is when they are feeling completely relaxed and unthreatened. It is not a sign that your cat wants his tummy tickled, but by exposing himself he is making himself vulnerable and showing you that he trusts you. Try for a belly scratch at your own risk.


Flowers, chocolates, wine, humans can be so predictable! Why buy a gift when you can go out and catch one yourself? Bringing you a dead rodent or bird is your cat’s way of showing you what they have to offer! Unfortunately, feline hunting in Australia means slaughtering endangered native wildlife. Since you probably didn’t want that marsupial corpse to begin with, why not buy your cat an outdoor cat enclosure and save both of you the trouble?

Tell Tail sign

Your cat’s tail is one of the biggest indications of how he feels: think of it as a little feline weather-vane. If you notice your cat holding his tail up casually, flipping the tip when you’re around, then it’s happy you’re around, or maybe just happy you’re holding a treat.

Want your cat to be a happy chappy? Read more about how outdoor cat enclosures benefit felines everywhere.


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