A Guide to the Domestic Long Hair Cat

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Karen Dell

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22 September 2016

domestic long hair cat breed profile infographic


You know that fluffy cat at your friend’s house? Yeah, the one that’s mostly doing its own thing. Now, unless that friend never lets you forget what breed his cat is, chances are it's a domestic long hair. The Domestic Long Hair is not so much a breed as it is the breed (along with the Domestic Short Hair) . They are a combination of every domestic breed under the son, and as chance would have it, some long-lost grandparent passed down the family heirloom - their handsome, long coat.


Given their rich ancestry, there’s really only one rule when it comes to this cat breed’s appearance - long hair, don’t care. Their coat can grow up to 15cm long, which we have scientifically determined is the purrfect length for cuddling. Every possible coat colour, coat pattern, and eye colour is out there - but no matter which way you spin it the Domestic Long Hair is 100% feline.

A hidden undercoat and an outer coat made of guard hair gives them the appearance of life-sized soft toys that love a good cuddle. On your average domestic long hair, this outer layer can grow up to 6 inches in length, most also sporting a neck ruff and foot or ear tufts. Cuddles are great for bonding but more importantly it helps you detect matts, tangles or irregularities on their skin that can hairball into something nasty later. Kitties with serious fluff may benefit from a ‘vanity cut’ to help put the pretty back into their trips to the litter box.


Their disposition is as varied as their looks. The more active domestic long hairs can’t wait to violently attack their toys and scratching post.  But there’ll be those who’d rather spend some quiet time napping or gazing vacantly out the window. We like to think of these as thinking cats that are working out ways of saving our war torn world from nukes and whatnot. Okay, at the very least, they’re thinking of ways to get into the fridge - tomatoh, tomatoe.


Grooming your Domestic Long Hair is fun and essential. Remember to brush their your furbaby’s coat at least twice every week; it doesn't have to be a chore, brush them softly when they curl up in your lap while you watch TV and we guarantee they’ll enjoy it almost as much as their treats. Daily tooth brushing, playtime, and plenty of fresh, clean water is essential.  The good news is, this hybrid cat breed has a perfectly tuned immune system, and is generally hardier than a purebred kitty.


Allergy sufferers, spin 180 degrees and walk away. Or, if you absolutely must have a long-haired kitty, spin roughly 6 degrees and check out the Norwegian Forest cat, or Maine Coon.

Suggested names

The Domestic Long Hair might have one of the best hairdos in the animal kingdom - so why not pay tribute to other legendary follicles when naming your new kitty? Here are our suggestions:

  • Elvis
  • Marge
  • Afro
  • Buzz
  • Louis

If you’re thinking about getting a Domestic Long Hair, your first stop should be our guide to adopting a cat. This is a very common cat breed, and many thousands enter animal shelters every year - give a lonely cat a new home and make a friend for life.


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