5 Reasons to Love Burmese Cats

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Karen Dell

Senior Editor • Backyard Cat Enclosures

20 September 2016

Oh my goodness, welcome! What a delight, we’re charmed, really. I know you and the Burmese cats are going to get along just great. In fact, let’s put that to the test right now. We’ve hired a Burmese cat to make its case for your new favourite cat breed.

We make really good temple cats

Once upon a time in this place called Burma, well, it was called Burma but now it’s called Myanmar and we didn’t want to confuse you but now we have. Oh dear. Anyway once upon a time there were all these temples, and the Burmese cat would look at these temples and think, ‘WOW! Terrific!’ And it really was terrific: so, if you live in a temple that would be quite good, but if you live in a house that is also actually really great. We love houses too - so comfy!

We look totally scrumptious

Check out our peepers, human! Golden eyes like… gold… or sunshine… or a Twix wrapper! Fantastic! Our breed, like most cat breeds, uses its eyes to see things, like birds and toys and cars and grass and plants and humans and YOU! And you can use your eyes too - cool, so cool - to look at this cat breed’s beautiful fur, and it’s okay if it makes your mouth water because we know you love chocolate and I mean the Burmese cats would probably love chocolate too but chocolate isn’t allowed for cats. Sadface :(

We go and go and go and go and stop

Okay, listen. Human. Listen. Are you listening? Human, Burmese cats like to play. Like, really like. But, I mean, we’re not even picky, not even a little bit! We LOVE helping you write your e-mails, I mean, ‘clicky clacky, clickity clack’ what a wild sound - kind of like the light switch makes, crazy coincidence! And… wow, it sure is comfy in… your… bed…

We love you!

Human, you’re quite honestly the best toy you’ve ever gotten your cat (me). Let’s see: you’re warm, you’re nice, you smell good (sometimes), you do strange things - very strange - but terrific, just terrific. Anyway, I hope you agree that you’re pretty great, and that I’m pretty great for realising that. Hooray for me!

And we let you know it

Human human human human, I LOVE YOU. Human. Human? I love you. Human… Hey! HUMAN! Do you want to hear my impression of you? Meow meow meow. It’s not very good but neither is your impression of me so I guess we’re even. Haha, boy, we are such a pair, aren’t we. Aren’t we? Human?

Human, where are you going? To read more about me? What a great idea! Or maybe you want to get me some more toys? I mean I’m not saying you should get me more toys, but you should do it anyway.


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