5 Reasons to Love Scottish Fold Cats

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Karen Dell

Senior Editor • Backyard Cat Enclosures

20 September 2016

Scottish Fold Cat

From the British Isles and into our brave hearts, Scottish fold cats might be one of our favourite cat breeds - we reckon it could probably become yours too!


Their proud Highland heritage

Och, th' Scots Fold micht be th' maist famous Scot o' al’ time, except fur Mel Gibson o' coorse. Ha! Just kidding, just kidding. But seriously, the Scottish Fold is a wonderful cat breed for lovers of the Scottish brogue. Just don’t feed your cat haggis, or put Irn-Bru in its water. And for God’s sake, put that kitty kilt back in the closet. And are those miniature bagpipes? Where did you even get one of those? This is madness.

Their signature floppy ears

Scottish Fold Cats are actually born with perfectly straight ears - so don’t be surprised when your kitten looks a lot like a British Shorthair for the first 6 months of life. After that though, watch your cat’s ears wilt like a bouquet in the Scottish winter. Unlike the bouquet however, you’ll find your cat even more meow-dorable after the transition. It’s like they’re wearing a little hat! A little tartan hat maybe? Sorry, we just can’t help ourselves.

Their near-perfect roundness

This cat has all the delightful roundness of a teddy-bear. In fact, from its short neck, to its stumpy limbs and wonderfully soft fur, right down to its milk-saucer eyes, we may have just struck upon the closest thing to your favourite childhood toy. Good news too, because your wee ones will love their new friend almost as much as you do.

Their calm but loving personality

Scottish Fold Cats are known for being quite docile, and most happy lounging in your lap until your legs go numb. Perhaps due to their silly appearance, they are sometimes described as clumsy or even ‘oafish’ (which is pretty ironic, coming from a human!). It goes without saying, but this couldn’t be further from the truth, and this cat is certainly more than intelligent enough to train its adoring human servants.

Their creative body language

This breed is known for its incredibly gymnastic sleeping positions. Don’t be surprised to see your Scottish Fold adorning its bed like a ragdoll (the object, not the breed), with its stocky limbs pointing in all directions. We think it looks pretty uncomfortable, but it’s hard to argue with the tranquil look on your cat’s face. This habit extends to sitting, and the Scottish Fold will often take the so-called Buddha position - on its bum with its front legs folded over its belly. What wisdom lies inside that grapefruit head? We may never know.

In love with the Scottish Fold now? Great! We bet you’d love to know more. Or, head to our Ultimate Guide to Cat Breeds to find your soulmate.


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