5 Reasons to Love Tonkinese Cats

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Karen Dell

Senior Editor • Backyard Cat Enclosures

20 September 2016

Tonkinese Cats

Good evening! Eyeing the Tonkinese cocktail I see! Fine selection, fine selection indeed, one of our most popular drinks. Why? Well, since you asked.

They’re made with high-quality ingredients

The Tonkinese cat is a rich blend of two wonderful spirits, the Burmese and the Siamese. You get the playful, hoppy character of the Burmese combined with the rich, fruity notes of the Siamese. And best of all this cat breed is 100% organic. You really can’t go wrong with such a flavoursome mix.

They look scrumptious

But, don’t forget, we taste with our eyes too! And again I say, ‘fine selection!’ The beautifully crisp pointed colouration of the Siamese really comes through in the Tonkinese cat, but what this cat breed is really famous for is its gorgeous aquamarine eyes. What do you mean cocktails don’t have eyes? Please, this is a reputable establishment: all of our cocktails have eyes.

They bubble and fizz

Do you hear that? Yes, the gentle quacking sound. No, we haven’t gotten your order mixed up: that’s just the signature Tonkinese meee-ow. The Burmese and the Siamese are quite volatile ingredients in their own right so when we blend them together like this what you get is a very active cat breed that tends to swirl and fizz. We promise you it’s safe, but only in a well-ventilated room or outdoor cat enclosure.

They mix well with others

Oh, yes, the Tonkinese is just fantastic for sharing. Your guests will love it, or you can have it with your dog or child. Although, be careful with kids: they may be a little too enthusiastic.

They’re a familiar flavour

The reason this cat breed pairs so well with your canine pal is likely due to the very dog-like palette that emerges from this blend. Try a little fetch, or, if you’re drinking on the go, put your Tonkinese cocktail on a leash to avoid spilling it.

Now that you’re thoroughly confused, but strangely in love with the Tonkinese, you should read our breed profile. You might be surprised to learn it is actually a cat and not a drink! Or, if you want to find another cat to pair it with, check out our Ultimate Guide to Cat Breeds. Cheers!


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