5 Creepy Things Cats Do That We Can't

Photo of Karen Dell

Karen Dell

Senior Editor • Backyard Cat Enclosures

17 August 2018

There are some things in life that only cats can get away with. As unfair as it may seem, their cute and cuddly nature make most of us turn a blind eye to creepy behaviours that would not exactly be acceptable for us mere mortals.

cat peeking through window

1. Give dead animals as a present.

From a feline this is a cute, albeit unsettling, show of love and gratitude. For humans it’s just weird.

cat looking through blind

2. Intensely watch the neighbours from the window.

This is never a good idea unless you want to be known as the neighbourhood stickybeak. Cats are small and not easily noticed through the blinds, but trying this yourself will only end with a shoutout in your local Neighbourhood Watch newsletter.

cat sitting on womans back

3. Sit on people.

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t do this. And trying to purr will only make things worse. It’s best to just leave the lap-sitting to the experts - cats.

cat taking fish from table

4. Steal food from other people’s plates.

Have you ever been halfway through a dinner party and reached over to pick a lump of mashed potato off the plate of one of your guests? No? Good. This is not exactly great etiquette, but since trying to teach table manners to your kitty is near impossible, they have some leeway.

cat staring at camera

5. Stare directly into your soul.

Every cat lover knows the warm and loving feeling they get from close-up eye contact with a fur-baby. You relish every moment, and would happily stay there for hours. Substitute a cat with a random person on the train though and it’s a very different story.

Learn more about your wonderfully weird pudda’s behaviour here, and spoil them with our range of enclosures, runs and accessories.


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