Floofs and Boops! The Top 10 Cute Cat Words!

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Karen Dell

Senior Editor • Backyard Cat Enclosures

25 July 2018

Are you fluent in floofin' cat talk, hooman? All good purr-ents should know their floofs from their boops! Have a peek at our top 10 cute cat words and learn about the wonderful world of internet cat slang.

10. Smol

The word smol is used to decribe something purr-ticularly cute and tiny. Fur example, little kittens are very smol and should be kept safe and happy at all times, especially outdoors! Have a peek at how that's done here.

9. Feetsies

Feetsies is the word used to describe a cat's feet. Cute cat feetsies can be curled up or bunny style and with or without socks.

8. Cat Loaf

A cat loaf occurs when a cat tucks their feetsies under their body so that they resemble an adorable loaf of bread. This position is most often used for effective cat-napping.

7. Cat Taps

Cat taps occur when a cute cat gently and repeatedly taps any object, hooman or fur-sibling to get the attention they rightly deserve. When you see a cat tapping, it's time to purr-lay, hooman! Have a peek at 5 fun and easy ways to play with your fur baby here.

6. Boop

A boop occurs when a hooman, purr-ent or fur-sibling lightly taps a cat's nose, also known as a snoot or meowzzle. Head boops are when a cat shows love by nudging their head on the object of their affection. Have a peek at the other ways cats show love here!

5. Mlem

A mlem occurs when a cat's tongue licks their snoot, their fur, their water, the air or just about anything else. If your kitty is mleming too much, it may be a sign of stress or anxiety. Have a peek here to find out.

4. Blep

A blep is that cute moment when a cat tongue sits stationery outside of their mouth for a time. While they may look silly, all cat purr-ents know that the mind of a cat is always busy devising a new cunning plan... or maybe they've just had too much catnip.

3. Teefies

Teefies is the name for the tiny little teeth of a cat and can include the pointy and fierce canines and the itsy-bitsy incisors. Keep 'em pearly with our guide to kitty cat dental care here.

2. Toe Beans

Toe beans, also known as jelly beans or beans, is the word used to describe the adorable toes of the cat. Keep their beans, paws and claws healthy with our guide to scratching here.

1. Floof

A floof is any cute cat with purr-ticularly fluffy and voluminous fur. Have a peek at our guide to the fluffiest cat breeds for more fur-bulous floof!

Need more heckin’ cute? Of course you do! Have a little peek at the top 10 cutest cat videos of all time here or keep your fur babies cute AND safe with our purr-fect guide to choosing the best cat enclosure for your cat here.


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