Top 5 Fun and Easy Ways to Play With Your Cat

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Karen Dell

Senior Editor • Backyard Cat Enclosures

12 July 2018

For cats, and hoomans, play is the purr-fect way to stay healthy and create social and fur-mily bonds. Even if you prefer the couch to the treadmill, there’s plenty you can do to get involved in your cat’s playtime. Let’s pounce on the top 5 fun and easy ways to play with your cat...

Blissful Bubbles

While plain bubbles are totally fine for this activity, we highly suggest you whip up some catnip bubble solution with water, organic detergent and catnip essential oil, and take bubble bursting to a whole new level for your far-out feline.

Kitty Disco

Turn down the lights and turn up the pawty with a super cute and playful kitty disco. Use flashlights, laser pointers and glow-sticks to make your kitty jump and boogie or set up a rotating night light and help your kitty catch the stars.   

Tricky Kitty

They say cats can’t learn tricks, but they, whoever they are, are very wrong. Cats can be trained and learn tricks as easily as any overachieving puppy school grad. Time spent with your pudda practicing tricks is never wasted! Regardless of their skill level, your cat will get essential mental stimulation, and delicious treats, out of the tricky situation.

Planes for Paws

Fold up a supply of simple paper planes and let the fun take off from the comfort of your couch. Your kitty will delight in trying to bat and swat paper crafts out of the sky. Just make sure you do this in a room devoid of very valuable vases perched precariously on plinths.  

Wild Adventure

Get your kitty, and yourself, off the couch and out into the sunshine and fresh air with some leash training or some fun and games in a safe and secure outdoor cat enclosure. We suggest a good book, a cuppa and a comfy chair in the Paws playhouse, for those who want to stay close to home.

Looking for more playful ideas? Jump on over to our guide to keeping your cat entertained indoors.  


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