The Top 3 Signs You’re a Purr-fect Purr-ent

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Karen Dell

Senior Editor • Backyard Cat Enclosures

12 August 2018

What makes a purr-ent purr-fect? Is it their food? Their toys? Their pedigree? My cat only eats organic, stream caught king salmon and micro-greens and then retires to his yurt for catnaps... Just kidding, last night he licked a half-eaten yoghurt tub he pulled from the bin before he went to sleep on top of the washing pile. The reality of purr-enting is that different cat mums and dads have different ways of raising their fur babies. But the cool thing about being a purr-ent is that no matter your purr-enting style, we can all agree on three things we tend to get right...   

cat looking lovingly at owner

3. We keep our fur babies safe

Purr-ents worth their weight in catnip know that cat safety is a top priority. We keep our fur babies safe indoors by making sure there’s no household dangers lurking about, there are no toxic plants within paw’s reach to nibble on and there are safe spaces for our kitty to play, climb, scratch and explore.

We know the difference between playing and fighting during fur-sibling playtime and how to break up serious cat rumbles before they get started. When we let our fur babies out to explore the great outdoors we keep ‘em purrin’ for their full nine lives with a safe and spacious cat enclosure filled with their favourite feline playthings and fur-bulous spots for catnapping.    

maine coon kitten playing on floor

2. We keep our fur babies healthy

Our fur babies are kept happy and healthy by staying on top of their vet visits and being prepared for any boo-boos that may occur. We like to spoil our cats with the occasional treat, but we know that a balanced and nutritious diet is the cornerstone of a flourishing feline lifestyle.

Our puddas are pampered and have healthy claws, toe beans, bleps, peepers and coats. We keep their cunning and clever brains active by recognising the signs of boredom, stress or anxiety and taking action to help them stay stimulated and relaxed.

young girl holding cat

1. Our fur babies know they are loved

Nothing says “I love you, cat.” like a good old session of pudda playtime! Our cats know they are loved because we spend time with them doing things they like to do. We play, groom and show affection in their favourite ways - like head bumps, eye blinks and tandem catnaps. And in return, our kitties love us (almost) unconditionally ;)

The simple truth about purr-ents is that we are NOT purr-fect. But if our cats are as safe, healthy and happy as they possibly can be, then we’ve done our job right.

Join our purr-ent fur-mily on Facebook, spoil your much loved fur baby with something from our fur-bulous store and nod along with our in depth investigation of 5 things all cat lovers do right here.   


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