5 Things All Cat Lovers Do

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Karen Dell

Senior Editor • Backyard Cat Enclosures

24 October 2017

Cats are life. Whether you identify as a Cat Lady, a Cat Lad, a Cat Kid or a Cat Lover, cats are what makes life worth living. That cute pink nose, perfect for booping. Those toe beans. That crazy tendency to throw midnight pawties. We love everything about them. As devoted cat slaves we can all relate to a few things - regardless of our fur baby’s personality or their breed. Here are 5 things ALL cat lovers do.

cat meowing

1. We respond to our cat’s meow with “Yes! Yes I know!”

Don’t tell us they have no idea what we are saying.

cat napping on lap

2. We try not to move too much when they are catnapping on our laps.

Never wake a hairball beauty while they slumber.

woman taking photo of cat

3. Our phones have more pictures of our cats on them than anything else.

Silly dog people! It’s not a phone, it’s a cat camera.

cat in cardboard box

4. We recognise that cardboard boxes are opportunities for play - not rubbish.

One minute it’s a Fits ‘n’ Sits hidey-hole and the next IT IS TIME TO DESTROY IT.

cat looking at human

5. Our cats responds to at least 3 different nicknames.

Everyone, meet my cat Sugar/Honey Bunny/Doop Doop/Fluffs McGee! He also responds to “Cat”.

Not only do we share a love of all things feline, fluff or fuzz - we also are some of the best people on earth. It’s true!

One thing all of our cat masters and mistresses do is long for the great outdoors. If you want to treat your kitty cats to some sunshine and fresh air safely have a peek at the features and benefits of our outdoor cat enclosure and cat run range.


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