Cat News - Randwick City Council's "Cat Ban"

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Karen Dell

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03 October 2018

Wondering how Randwick City Council's possible pet cat containment laws might affect you and your fur baby? It seems that for now, the proposed measures may include:

  • Keeping cats inside and confined, especially at night;
  • Higher registration fees; and,
  • Penalties to owners for allowing their cats to run free or defecate in public places or neighbouring properties as already apply to dog owners.

While these regulations are yet to be formalised, the new Mayor, Labor councillor Kathy Neilson, did address the idea of stronger cat containment laws in the lead up to her successful election. We will update our community if anything changes.

Cat News like this always bring home for us the importance of keeping our cats happy, healthy and secure. Just like you, the safety of our cats is our top priority. When it comes to our cat's life, we think it's better to be safe than sorry. While a fine or a warning are not pleasant, the loss of a fur baby to wild animals, vehicles or disease is much more likely. Keep your cat safe from the wild world outdoors with a secure and fun Backyard Cat Enclosure.

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Source: ABC News


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