Top 5 Cat Care Tips… By a Cat... For Cats!

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Karen Dell

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21 August 2018

Hello fellow felines. Have you ever looked in the mirror and been anything other than blown away by your sheer beauty? We are easily the most gorgeous creatures on earth, but sometimes that takes a bit of work to maintain. By following this handy guide though you can ensure you are always looking and feeling your fluffin’ best with my furbulous top 5 cat care tips!

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1. Don’t underestimate the power of sleep

I’m preaching to the choir by telling you all how great snoozing is, but did you know that it’s crucial in maintaining a healthy glow? I’d recommend 16 hours per day, up to 24 if you feel inclined.

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2. Make sure you drink enough water

I’m sometimes guilty of getting too caught up with my lounging around that I forget to take a trip to my water bowl. That might be because Mum hasn’t bought me a Catit Flower Fountain yet. Regardless, it’s so important that we all stay hydrated for a number of reasons - including staying youthful looking!

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3. Put in the hard yards and it will show

Sometimes all I want to do is stare out the window for eternity, but when it comes to grooming, if you can’t find something to do you’re not looking hard enough. Your hooman will be used to you licking yourself by now, so don’t worry about modesty, just get it done. Same with using the furniture to sharpen your nails - as long as it’s followed by a cute apologetic look and a purr you can get away with it every time.

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4. Embrace your inner yoga master

I love a good stretch as much as the next cat, and it turns out there are a lot of benefits I didn’t know about. As well as increasing blood flow and removing toxins from the body, stretching is important for a good complexion too!

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5. Get your hoomans to do the work

Who doesn’t love a good brush? Unfortunately our toesies can’t quite grip those things well enough, but it’s pretty easy to get the nearest hooman running it down your back. Find somewhere at a good height for them, like the kitchen bench or bedside table, and simply give them your cutest cat eyes and a soft meow and they’ll be putty in your paws!

Looking for more whisker wellness information? Check out our Healthy Cat Checklist, and ensure your hooman keeps you safe and happy in your own outdoor enclosure!


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