5 Cat Breeds That Love Water

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Karen Dell

Senior Editor • Backyard Cat Enclosures

12 July 2018

Contrary to moggy myth, not all pudda-cats are put off by the presence of water. While every cat is a purr-fect individual, these 5 cat breeds are well known for their love of having a splashing good time.  

The Bengal Cat Breed

The sleek and stunning Bengal cat breed is a feline fan of showers, bathtubs and any and all slightly dripping taps. These hybrid kitties are renowned for being partial to a paddle with or without their hooman by their side. When you’re a Bengal cat purr-ent, you’ll never have to, or be able to, bathe alone again.

The Maine Coon Cat Breed

The Maine Coon cat breed is large and fluffy, but you’d be mistaken if you think these majestic cats are averse to getting their glorious mane a little damp. Hailing from the wilds of North America, these gentle giants love to dip their toe beans into any water source, moving or still. Best to keep the loo seat down when a Maine Coon is about.

The Abyssinian Cat Breed

The active Abyssinian cat breed is not one to shy away from a spot of splashy fun. These agile and beautiful cats are known to do a few laps in a warm bath, enthusiastically swat and tap their water fountains and even join their hooman for a refreshing shower.

The Sphynx Cat Breed

The most famous hairless cat of them all, Sphynx cats are yet another fur baby that likes to make a splash. Due to their hairless nature, the affectionate and unique sphynx cat requires regular bathing and will often join their hooman for a warm bath or refuse to leave the tub altogether! 

The Savannah Cat Breed

While these wildcard cats aren’t currently taking a dip anywhere in Australia, the Savannah hybrid cat breed is well known for loving water. Seeing a Savannah cat have a splashing good bath time is rather like spotting a tiger in a wild river. Grace, power and plenty of paddlin’.

Does your cat love to play with their water? Keep hydration fun with an automatic water fountain drinker! Learn more about the fascinating world of cat breeds with our guides in the Learning Centre.


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