5 Reasons to Love Bengal Cats

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Karen Dell

Senior Editor • Backyard Cat Enclosures

20 September 2016

GOTTCHA! Hahahaa. Like a tiger stealthily stalking it’s prey through the undergrowth I was invisible to the naked eye. Right, let’s try it again, I’ll go over there to the top of the bookshelf and come at you again but don’t look, just let me see if I can surprise you again. What do you mean no? Oooooh you want to learn more about Bengal cats. Ok, I’ll tell you what I know and then can we play again, yes?

Exotic beginnings

Ok, I’ve got one for you: What do you get when you cross an Asian Leopard cat with an unknown domestic cat breed? ME! Seriously, someone actually crossed an Asian leopard cat with an unknown domestic breed about two hundred years ago. We had a bit of tweaking in the 80s but Bengal cats remain wild at heart.  

Eye of the tiger leopard

We look like a jungle cat; our muscular bodies, big green eyes and, of course, our fabulous fur means having a Bengal cat is just like having your own domesticated leopard or jaguar. It hasn’t escaped our notice how much you humans like leopard print, you like it on your clothes, your cushions, your sheets, your wallpaper so why not on your cat? We’ll fit right in but we’ll be better than all that stuff because our fur is silky soft and you don’t have to worry about washing it - we can take care of our own beauty regime.

It’s a jungle in here

Have you heard enough yet? Can we play again? Wow, you really do want to know everything don’t you? This kind of behaviour doesn’t sit well with Bengals, we have bags of energy and like to be played with. Saying that, our natural instincts mean that we’re happy as long as we have something to climb on, jump off and have places to explore. We’re also really good swimme….wait, are you running a bath? Can I join you?

Part of our pride

Don’t be fooled by our jungle spots, we’re actually a really friendly and affectionate cat breed. We’ll smother you with as many hugs and kisses as our wild cat relatives would give their pride members, probably more if I’m honest.

We’ve got the whole package

Not only are we affectionate and loving, energetic and playful with a wicked coat, we’re intelligent too. So if you’re going to get toys to entertain us give us some puzzle toys that we have to think about, you don’t want a bored Bengal on your hands! Or we might find our own ways to amuse ourselves, how annoying would it be if I turned the light off, like right now?

Hey, where are you going? I’ve told you everything you need to know about Bengal cats, you don’t need to do anymore research into us. You said we could play!


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