10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Cats Who Have Everything

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Karen Dell

Senior Editor • Backyard Cat Enclosures

19 November 2018

If you’re anything like everyone else that ever fell in love with a cat, your fur baby probably has most of the things they need and want. So what do you get the cat who has EVERYTHING for Christmas? We’ve searched the world of cat accoutrements for the best gift ideas for your happy and healthy fur baby, because you can never spoil them too much ;)

Hapee Cat Reindeer Christmas Sweater

christmas gift cat reindeer xmas sweater

There’s no reason why your cat can’t join in the fun of silly Christmas sweaters! Every cat - from seriously fluffy to sleek and slinky hairless kitties - will look furbulous in this festive knitwear. Add a saucer of catnip wine and some roast chicken treats and you’ve got yourself a Christmas pawty!

Santa Hat Christmas Cat Bed

christmas gift cat santa hat cat bed

Getting mittens to keep their festive outfit on can be a chore for any snap-happy purr-ent! Up the Yuletide photo-shoot odds and give your cat a Christmas themed hideaway like this cozy and cute Santa Hat Cat Bed. They can snooze while you snap that purr-fect pic for the ‘gram!

Sneak Paper Bag Cat Tunnel

christmas gift cat sneak paper bag cat tunnel

We all know that cats and paper bags share a special relationship. Why, though? This affinity is indeed mysterious, but us mere mortals should not question a cat’s perplexing motivations, we must simply give into them. Grab this stylish, sturdy and sneaky paper cat tunnel and let the Christmas morning mayhem begin.

Creation Core Cardboard Cat Cubes 6 Pack

christmas gift cat creation core cat play cubes

The problem with some cat play furniture is that it’s... boring. Your cat is clever and they need to be stimulated mentally to live their best nine lives. The Creation Core Cat Cube Condo can be reconfigured to provide your kitty with a new and exciting adventure of discovery every day! May we suggest hiding some treats, toys or catnip in certain cubes to encourage exploration?

FunPaw Q Interactive Cat Treat Dispenser and Laser Toy

christmas gift cat funpawq cat treat dispenser laser toy app

As devoted cat lovers, working all day to bring home the kibble is our duty. But, every hard working purr-ent knows the agony of being away from our kitt-o for more than 20 minutes. You can rest assured knowing you can check in on your favourite feline during the day with the FunPaw Q Cat Treat Dispenser and Toy Laser! This high tech gizmo is the purr-fect salve for our homesick human hearts…

Space Capsule Cat Backpack

christmas gift cat space capsule backpack pet

Can’t bear to part with your purring pal? Well, why not take them with you? The Space Capsule Cat Backpack allows you to keep kitty near, while they watch the world from their convenient porthole! Jump in kitty! To the grocery store, and beyond!

MyZoo Spaceship Alpha Cat Bed

christmas gift cat myzoo spaceship alpha cat bed

Is your kitty stylish, super good at catnaps and also just a little out of this world? The MyZoo Spaceship Alpha cat bed is a furbulously cool piece of modern furniture while also being a cozy and comfy place for your cat to get in their daily 20 hours of nap time.

Trixie Pets 5-in-1 Fun Board Activity Centre

christmas gift trixie 5in1 activity fun board

If you have a food motivated fur baby, the Trixie Activity Centre is THE pudda present that should be under your tree. Featuring 5 different games to get your kitty moving and stimulate the mind and senses, this fun board is sure to keep your kitty purring at Christmas time and long thereafter.

Cat Face Massage Tool

A post shared by Hosico Cat (@hosico_cat) on

Warning, human! Once your cat experiences the pure pleasure of a face massage tool, ordinary pats and boops just won't cut it. This tool of the cat-gods pops up on social media all the time, with many a famous feline partaking in some massage therapy! Grab one for your cat by clicking here and witness pure kitty bliss!

The Meow Manor Cat Enclosure

Close your eyes, human, and imagine a wonderland of whiskery fun and play. This playful place is safe, spacious and allows your fur baby to experience the great outdoors, safely. Now please open your eyes and read the rest of this guide. Imagine no more! This place is very real! The Meow Manor provides a secure funtime space for cats of any age and is purrfect for active puddas to catnapping kitties alike. Your cat will love exploring the vertical cat run with elevated cat walks and snoozing the day away in the cozy cat house. Add a furbulous and adjustable cat enclosure hammock, a hideaway cat house and their favourite cat toys and let’s get this pawty started!

Curious about cat enclosures? Learn more with five reasons an outdoor enclosure is the best choice for cats here. Still not sure what to get the fur baby you love? Or purr-haps you are shopping for your very own holiday gift? We suggest checking out our store!


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