The 5 Cat Golden Rules

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Karen Dell

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17 August 2018

Let’s face it - cats have it pretty good. Have you ever watched your furbaby take enormous pleasure in a small piece of cardboard? Shamelessly lick themselves in full view of family and friends? Sit in one spot for six hours without moving? How can you find so much joy in your life? The secret is they live by their own set of golden rules...

confident maine coon cat

Cat Golden Rule #1 - Have self-confidence

All cats think they are stunning. And majestic. And the best fluffin’ creatures to grace this planet. They are right. And they certainly flaunt it. Don’t worry about what people say or think of you - just go ahead and live your best nine lives!

cat indulging in treat

Cat Golden Rule #2 - Indulge!

There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself - and cats know this better than anyone. Hungry? Eat something. Sleepy? Curl into a ball and snooze no matter where you are. Bored? Run to a completely random place, stop, then run somewhere else.

assertive maine coon cat

Cat Golden Rule #3 - Be assertive

Cats are not known to pussyfoot around an issue. They will let you know what they want. If you ask someone a favour and it is not given, ask louder. If that still doesn’t work, wait until 3am and wake them up by jumping on their chest.

cat held by girl

Cat Golden Rule #4 - Know your personal space

Affection is good, provided it is on your terms. All cats know they are irresistibly cute and pat-able, so if the timing is wrong then it’s your right to say so. A nice way of letting someone know this without hurting their feelings is to give them a firm scratch on the arm and run away.

cat holding hand

Cat Golden Rule #5 - Show appreciation

At the end of the day, while they may expect you to bow to their every need, a little headbutt or lick on the hand is the cat equivalent of a thank-you card. Be sure to always show appreciation when someone gives you food or cleans up your mess for the fifth time in a day.

There’s a little more your kitty needs for total happiness than just following these rules. Learn how to keep them safe and happy outdoors, and check out the top five toys for cats!


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