Top 5 DIY Cat Enclosure Enrichment Ideas

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Karen Dell

Senior Editor • Backyard Cat Enclosures

18 May 2018

Your cat’s outdoor play space will be a feline fantasyland with these simple DIY cat enclosure enrichment ideas. Let’s have a peek at the top 5 cheap and easy ways to keep your kitty active and stimulated while they enjoy the great outdoors in their cat enclosure or cat run.

cat in cat run with garden

Cat Garden

Plant a selection of cat friendly plants in a raised bed, large pot or tub for your nibbling kitty to enjoy while they play the day away in their outdoor cat run or cat enclosure. Have a peek at our guide to what to grow in a cat garden here.

cat with hanging cat toys in cat run

Hanging Cat Toy Forest

What’s better than one hanging cat toy? Ten! Create a magical play forest for your fur baby by hanging multiple store bought or homemade suspension toys from their cat enclosure or cat run mesh roof.

cat with cardboard castle in cat run

Cardboard Hidey Holes

A simple selection of different sized cardboard boxes will have your kitty playing hide and peek for hours. Or dust off the hot glue gun and get crafty! Create an elaborate cardboard empire for your reigning cat queen or tom. The only limit is your hooman imagination!

cat with self serve brush for grooming in cat run

Self Serve Cat Brush

No hooman around to administer a good cat brushing? No purr-oblem! Create a DIY cat enclosure self serve cat brush. Securely attach a natural fibre nail brush or scrub brush at the purr-fect pudda height on your cat run or enclosure wall or frame. 

cats with natural branch climbing toys in cat run

Jungle Cat Gym

Keep your kitty active and mentally stimulated in the fresh air and sunshine of their outdoor cat enclosure or cat run. Bring out your cat’s wild side by creating a natural branch jungle gym in their play space. Secure branches, logs and stumps will encourage natural climbing cat behaviours. 

Looking for more ways to keep those toe beans busy? Have a squizz at 5 ways to keep your indoor cats entertained here. Wondering which enclosure or cat run will work best for your whiskers? We’ve got it sorted for you here.


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