5 Ways to Keep Your Indoor Cats Entertained!

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Karen Dell

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11 January 2018

As a fur parent, leaving our fur babies home alone is always a bit of a struggle. But rest assured that your indoor cats can have plenty to keep them occupied during the day... In between many magnificent catnaps that is!

a cat garden will keep your cat entertained

1. Garden Games

Growing a potted plant garden for your indoor cats is rewarding for you and your precious puddas! Pick a sunny spot in your house or cat enclosure and place a few pots of your cat’s favourite and safe plants. It looks good, smells good and IS good for both you and your cat’s health! Make sure you plant them in pots shallow enough for your cat to reach the foliage.

Have a peek at our guide to plants your pudda will love here.

cardboard boxes will entertain your cat

2. King of the Cardboard Castle

Every cat lover knows, a cardboard box is an opportunity for play - not rubbish! One minute it’s a Fits ‘n’ Sits hidey-hole and the next IT IS TIME TO DESTROY IT. Raid your recycling and give your Queen or King Tom a castle of cartons to rule over while you are away for the day.

For more top tips on toys have a peek here.

cat toys will keep your cat entertained

3. Treasure Trove

Give your indoor cats the adventure of a lifetime by hiding scented cat toys around your home. The scent will encourage kitty to explore and discover treasures, keeping them entertained for a good amount of time. Experiment with different scents to see what your cat responds to best and use them sparingly so the hunt will be novel for your cat. We suggest trying catnip or valerian. Be sure to keep a treasure map for hoomans to refer to, so you don't lose a toy to the couch monster.  

cats love to watch fish tanks

4. Pets for Pets

Why should hoomans have all the fun of having a pet? Your indoor cats will be mesmerised by a fishy “friend”. Make sure you have a sealed and stable aquarium for this one, no glass bowls on the counter please, that’s just too much temptation for a kitty to handle! Just as they love to chirp at birds from the windowsill, your pudda will delight in watching their aquarium mate. If your kitty is too frisky for real fish friends then a DVD of looped fish or bird footage will satisfy their hunting spirit.

a cat enclosure or run will keep your cat entertained

5. Out and About

Giving your indoor cats access to the great outdoors has many benefits. But first and paw-most, your kitty needs to be safe from the many dangers that lurk beyond the garden fence. We want to give our puddas the comfort and security of indoors, outdoors! An outdoor cat enclosure gives your cat space to play, keeps them happy, mentally stimulated and healthy and protects wildlife from your fur baby’s hunter instincts.

Find out more about how an enclosure is best for your cat here.

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