Cat Enclosures: The Basics

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Karen Dell

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20 September 2016

Cats who can spend some time in the great outdoors are generally happier and healthier than those that live indoors. They get more exercise, stimulation, fresh air and vitamin D from the sun. However, living outside exposes your cat to many dangers. How do you limit the dangers of the outside world and keep your cat safe while they enjoy a little sunshine and play? An outdoor cat enclosure of course! The RSPCA recommends access to a secure outdoor cat enclosure. It can increase mental stimulation for indoor cats and provide them with an opportunity to be more active.

There are a few factors to consider when choosing your outdoor cat enclosure.

Your cat

Let’s start with your cat, after all that’s the most important factor in all this isn’t it? You need an outdoor cat enclosure that is suitable for the age, personality, breed and energy levels of your cat. An energetic kitten won't need as much space as a Persian who’s choosing to grow old gracefully.


Don’t be fooled by the status quo, size matters. When it comes to size it’s important to consider vertical space as well as ground space. Giving your cat room to jump and stretch its limbs will give your cat the impression of having a large space to roam -  two metres of space and plenty of vertical space is suggested for a happy cat.


As you’ve probably discovered, your cat is a curious creature and loves nothing more than a challenge. A Mission Impossible style escape attempt is right up their alley, so security is one of the most important things to consider when buying an outdoor cat enclosure.  Do not buy a cat enclosure unless it will keep your cat safe, the best way to ensure your cat enclosure is secure is to find a model that comes with a secure cat run or, at the very least, can accommodate a cat run. Keeping your cat in an enclosure not only keeps your cat in but potential dangers out.

Happy cats

Security is one of the biggest benefits of an outdoor cat enclosure but keeping your kitty happy is equally important. Cats are naturally drawn to the outside and need regular exercise, fresh air and the sunshine! An outdoor cat enclosure gives your cat access to all these and more. Cat enclosures are also ideal for adventurous kitties who have experienced the unlimited freedom of a life outdoors, moving them indoors could be a distressing ordeal for your kitty and let’s face it, no one wants a frustrated feline. A secure and sunny outdoor enclosure allows your cat the freedom it craves whilst giving you peace of mind.

Outdoor Cat Enclosure Style

Every cat has its own unique style, just as every cat lover has theirs - outdoor cat enclosures are not just a practical solution to the indoor vs outdoor debate nor are they a cage, so have fun with it! Capture your cat's inner tigress with a jungle themed enclosure with engaging toys and adventure platforms or for more pampered pussy cats, create a luxurious retreat full of soft rugs and cushions for them to lounge on. It’s your chance to create an outdoor haven for your furry friend so make their kitty-cat dreams come true.

Outdoor cat enclosures are the puuuurfect way to give your cat the freedom and exercise it needs, giving you peace of mind that they’re safe, happy and healthy.

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