5 Reasons to Love Persian Cats

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Karen Dell

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20 September 2016

From their royal connections, to their model like swagger and love of being groomed, the Persian cat is the personification of a pampered puss. This cat breed is accustomed to the finer things in life and won't accept anything but the best and we love it.

Arriving in style

Persian cats arrived in Europe in the 1600s from Persia, presumably feeling right at home among a cartload of jewels, fine silks and other imported treasures. This cat breed was a reputed favorite of Queen Victoria and we bet they felt right at home sitting on the silk covered lap of the Queen of England and surrounded by jewels.

Luscious Locks

Persian cats are undeniably distinctive in appearance, everything about this cat breed screams luxury; their soft and silky fur, the swagger of their stumpy body which proves you don’t need to have long legs to make an impact on the catwalk. The permanent look of disdain which they probably inherited from Queen Vic.

It will come as no surprise that this is a high maintenance cat breed and it needs as much grooming as the human models do. Regular grooming is essential for not only keeping you puss in puuurfect condition but keeping them happy. They’ll love the daily ritual of being brushed and the attention that comes with it.  

Sitting Pretty

As you’ve probably already guessed, Persians are not a cat breed that like to get their paws dirty. They’re much happier catching some Zs curled up on a satin cushion than catching mice with the riffraff that prowl the gardens. After all, why risk breaking a claw when someone will bring you everything you need?

Who are you?

As far as cats go few are more independent than the Persian, generally speaking they are content living alone and being an only cat. While their affection and loyal nature means their owners can always expect a warm welcome home they are picky about the company they keep and strangers will be expected to work for the affections of precious Persians.

Reigning Supreme

The Persian cat is unlikely to be found perched on top of the fridge of climbing curtains, the will rule his realm from the floor or the grandest piece of furniture and pre-fur a quiet serene environment, perfect for an apartment or child free household.

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