7 Signs Your Cat Loves You

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Karen Dell

Senior Editor • Backyard Cat Enclosures

15 March 2018

Cats have an unwarranted reputation for being aloof, timid or snobbish. But this is far from the fluffin' truth! All purr-ents know that puddy-cats are one of the most loving pets a person can share their life and home with. Let's have a peek at the 7 signs your cat loves you.

7. Your cat gives you love bites

Cats and kittens show other felines affection through gentle "love bites". Nibbles on your hands and toes are one of the true signs that your fur baby loves you.

6. Your cat quivers their tail at you

Similar to a tail wag in dogs, if your cat approaches you with a quivering tail it means your furball is super excited to see you.

5. Your cat shows you their belly

Nothing says, "I trust you, hooman!" like an exposed cat belly. If your fur baby regularly shows you their tummy fluff they are comfortable with you and trust you completely.

4. Your cat sleeps on you

If your your kitty likes to catnap ON you then you are one lucky hooman! Cats tend to curl up where they feel the most secure, so if your pudda is snoozin' on your noggin' it means your cat thinks you're the best place to be in the world.

3. Your cat kneads you

For an adult cat, kneading creates a sense of comfort, conveys contentment and calms your kitty. Kneading also marks you as their property, so if a cat is kneading you, you are theirs FUREVER.

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2. Your cat follows you

Our fur babies like to follow us at dinner time, reminding our feeble hooman brains that it's time for tuna, like, now. But if your cat likes to be in your presence, without being obsessive or anxious, it's a good sign your cat thinks the world of you.

1. Your cat headbutts you

The number one way your fur baby will show you they love you is with a good 'ol headbutt. It's how cats in the wild mark each other as family and show affection.

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