Top 5 Most Popular Cat Breeds in Australia

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27 September 2017

Aussie families love their pet cats. In fact they are the 2nd most popular choice of animal companion and call 29% of Australian households home. There is a lot of information to sift through to make sure your feline furever friend has the happiest and healthiest life. Will this cute critter suit my lifestyle? Can I provide the best care and attention they need? And what breeds are the best? Don’t fret, furballs! We have done the research for you. Check out the top 5 most popular cat breeds available in Australia and click through to see our breed guides for more info.

5. The Beautiful Burmese Cat Breed

Burmese cats hold a special place in the heart of Backyard Cat Enclosures, as our founder’s first cat was a Burmese lady called Ebi. These elegant and enigmatic felines are a sight to behold with their dreamy soft coats and amber-hued eyes. High energy Burmese kittens become active and whip-smart adult cats as the years progress. Check out the 5 reasons we love the Burmese cat here.

4. The Sensational Siamese Cat Breed

Exotic, individual and vocal are the 3 words that describe the scintillating Siamese cat breed best. These powerhouses of pussy-cat personality are a joy to have as a member of your family. They are playful, cheeky and chatty. Find out some more reasons to love these lanky larrakins here.

3. The Regal Russian Blue Cat Breed

The Russian Blue cat breed is sleek, smart and can sometimes be shy, but once you get to know these regal rouseabouts you will fall head over paws in love. Their shimmery coats and enticing eyes will have you in a tizzy. Check out the 5 reasons we love the Russian Blue cat here.

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2. The Purrfect Persian Cat Breed

Persian cats never go out of style. These fluffy felines are the quintessential fancy cat. Their noses may be permanently turned up but don’t be discouraged - they are very affectionate and playful, not snobby at all! Check out the 5 reasons we love the Persian cat breed here.

1. The Brilliant Bengal Cat Breed

The Bengal cat breed is by far the most popular cat breed in Australia right now and it is not hard to see why. Their exotic coats and sparkling eyes cause your tummy to flutter and your heart to melt. Don’t be fooled by their wild appearance - they are some of the most affectionate cats around! Check out the 5 reasons we love the Bengal cat here.


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