5 Reasons to Love Siamese Cats

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Karen Dell

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20 September 2016

Illustration of Siamese CatWhat’s cute, smart and black and white all over? Yin and Yang. But also, the Siamese cat. Read on to find out more about these feline philosophers.

They yearn for enlightenment

Rumours have it that this cat was the royal breed of old Siam, in what is now Thailand. They spent their days relaxing in Buddhist temples, searching for the ultimate truth. Did they find it? Probably not. They have, however, traded temples for houses, which is great news for cat-loving humans everywhere.

They are trendsetters

The gorgeous Siamese cat is the original source of the pointed coat-pattern found in many modern cat breeds, including the Himalayan and Tonkinese. The stylish pattern is actually a form of albinism: Siamese are born pure white, then develop darker patches where their body is cooler. And speaking of cooler, their crisp blue eyes are positively dreamy. Try and tear yourself away and you’ll break out in a cold sweat.

They love conversation

They may have left their past behind them, but there’s nothing the Siamese loves more than discussing the existential question with their human servant. If a Siamese meows and there’s no one at home to hear it, does it make a sound? Why was there no one at home in the first place, what is wrong with you, human? How do you reconcile the desire for a higher purpose with the fundamental absurdity of existence? All of these questions and more will be asked in meaningless meows, chirps and coos. Ignore them at your peril, human.

They love play

They may be thinkers first, but that doesn’t mean the Siamese doesn’t delight in simple pleasures: be it a tasty treat or a tempting toy. Break out the fuzzy mouse and watch the Siamese surrender to its adorable instincts. Would this be unseemly in the royal court? Whatever - down with the king, long live the cat.

They’ve drank from the fountain of youth

No, seriously, long live the cat! The oldest living cat is a 30 year-old Siamese named Scooter. That’s nearly 140 in human years. Keep scootin’, Scooter.

Now that you’re in love with the Siamese, read our breed profile to find out more about this lovely breed. Or click here to find out more about caring for your new kitten.


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