5 Reasons to Love Russian Blue Cats

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Karen Dell

Senior Editor • Backyard Cat Enclosures

20 September 2016

Здравствуйте! Greetings, human! So, you’re looking for love, eh? Very well, let us woo you with the Russian Blue cat - but beware, everything you read here is top secret. Understood? 

They have a fabulous codename

The ‘Archangel cat’ might just be one of the most majestic nicknames ever attached to a feline. And we think it’s pretty fitting. After all, the Russian Blue is an absolutely divine creature, worshiped by many all around the world. Which is why we think you should treat this cat breed with appropriate love and reverence. Hallelujah!

They are so very handsome

Are you saying divinity isn’t enough for you? Well then, I suppose we’ll have to try and tempt you with earthly pleasures. The Russian Blue is absolutely adorable, and there’s just no way you can disagree. Their gorgeous blue coat is tipped with silver, making these breathtaking fuzzballs shimmer like tinsel (but not tangle like it, fortunately). As if that wasn’t enough, their characteristic emerald eyes will make you question why you ever looked at anything else. Green means ‘go,’ human, as in, ‘go’ get me a treat.

They are KGB trained

We don’t mean that they are Soviet-trained killers - although who knows what their cat really gets up to at night - what we’re referring to is their stately, dignified demeanor. This cat breed isn’t one to waste a word on small-talk: after all, there’s no point talking about the weather when it’s always freezing cold. You have to imagine your Russian Blue is pretty happy being re-assigned to our warm, Aussie climate.

They are lovers, not fighters

Who knows what top-secret fighting techniques lie under their calm exterior, but as long as you treat your Russian Blue with respect, you’ll never have to find out. In fact, this cat breed is known for being one of the most affectionate around, and will form a special attachment to a particular human servant. Tell your family not to take it personally that they’re not the chosen one - all love is equal, yours is just more equal than theirs.

They invite you to unleash your inner artist

The hyper-intelligent Russian Blue is always interested in helping its human servants rise above their lowly status. How benevolent! As such, it has developed a wonderfully plush coat for you to harness your creativity - simply trace your magnum opus in the Russian Blue’s fur and watch it stay there until the next cuddling session. Your cat is so soft it’ll even feel good to sabotage your own handiwork. Way to go, human! Mission accomplished!

Now that you’re in love, check out our breed guide for some more in-depth information. Or, keep your Russian Blue safe from insurgents in a secure outdoor enclosure. Прощай!


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