5 Signs Your Cat is Bored - Cat Behaviour Explained

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Karen Dell

Senior Editor • Backyard Cat Enclosures

18 May 2018

A lot of purr-ents wonder, does my cat get bored? As cat lovers, we know that cats are furbulously independent and imaginative creatures. However, just like hoomans, boredom can strike at any time if our fur babies do not have enough mental or physical stimulation. If your cat is home alone without their purr-ent or a fur-sibling to jostle and catnap with they can start to display some troubling cat behaviour. Let’s have a squiz at the 5 signs your cat is bored and what you can do to keep your fur baby entertained!

I'm ready for my hot stone massage now, hooman.

Your cat is over grooming

Keep an eye on your cat’s grooming habits so you can spot any changes in their kitty salon schedule. While a good tongue bath and general primp is purr-fectly normal, if your kitty is spending the majority of their time keeping themselves spick and span then you may have a bored feline on your paws.

Sabrina probably deserved it.

Your cat is becoming aggressive

Put those paws up! Has your cat started lashing out at you, family members or fur-siblings? Do they start fights or become aggressive at strange times? If your previously calm cat is suddenly going full Tyson on the fur-mily, then it may be a sign of a bored kitty.

Mr Tiddles suddenly realised the TV remote was still on the bench.

Your cat is increasingly inactive

Does your cat have a case of the Mondays? Some cats respond to being bored by becoming uncharacteristically quiet and withdrawn. If your previously chipper fur baby is a little glum or lazy they may be hankering for some intellectual or physical stimulation.

Catzilla was not ready for the counter attack.

Your cat is increasingly destructive

Has your sweet baby angel become a force of destruction? Destructive cat behaviour from a previously cool kitty can spell trouble for your couch, your toilet paper AND your hooman sanity. Make sure your kitty has plenty to play with while they are home alone or feel the wrath of Catzilla!

Don't mind if do.

Your cat’s eating habits have changed

A change in their eating habits can be a sign that your fur baby is bored. A cat that lacks mental and physical stimulation can overeat, keeping their curious minds occupied with kibble. Conversely, some cats may lose interest in food as apathy seeps in to each of their nine lives.

All of these cat behaviours can also hint at other issues with our previously peachy fur babies. If you are concerned about your cat’s stress and anxiety levels then this is the article for you. When it comes to uncharacteristic cat behaviour, it’s better to be safe than pawly, so check with your vet to make sure your cat does not have any underlying health issues that are causing them to act strangely. Keep kitty boredom at bay with our guide to entertaining your indoor cat here and our furbulous top 5 DIY cat enclosure enrichment ideas right here!


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