Top 10 Cutest Cat Videos of All Time

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Karen Dell

Senior Editor • Backyard Cat Enclosures

27 February 2018

The internet was made for cats. Maybe it was made by cats? We’ll have to look into that further. Anyway. Here’s the 10 cutest cat videos of all time according to us - the greatest cat fanciers of all time. Enjoy, hoomans!


Not the weirdest thing a cat could do! Have a peek at the weird list here...

2. Kitten Cuddles Forever

Keep your kitten safe and sound with our guide to choosing a cat enclosure for your baby pudda right here.

3. Are You Meowing to Me?

Do you know your chirps from your purrs? Meow along to our guide to cat sounds right here!

4. Surprise! Kitten!

Surprise your fur baby with these 5 fun and easy tips for purr-fect playtime!

5. A Wee Fur Bairn

Scottish Fold puddas are such cute kitties! Get to know them with our guide right here.

6. Sphynx Splash, Cat is Taking a Bath

Hairless cats like the Sphynx love to splash! Have a peek at more hairless cat facts right here.

7. Kawaī neko no oishī

All cats deserve a treat or two or three! Munch on our guide to healthy cat treats right here...

8. Fur Baby Love

Did you know that kittens use meows to communicate with their mums and adult cats use meows to chat to their purr-ents? Have a peek at our guide to cat sounds to find out more.

9. Sliding Boxes

Dive in head first, hooman! Cat's have the best approach to life. Learn how to live your life like a cat right here.

10. Teddy Hugs for Kitty

Kitty love! Cats may not be able to say they love you, but they sure as heck can show it. Learn the 7 signs of cat love right here. Keep your future cat video sensations safe, happy and ready for their close-up with a Backyard Cat Enclosure. Have a peek at our range here.


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