5 Weird Things All Cats Do

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Karen Dell

Senior Editor • Backyard Cat Enclosures

16 March 2018

Cat behaviour is wonderfully weird. Any purr-ent knows that cats are endlessly entertaining and keep their hoomans on their toebeans with their outlandish and offbeat behaviours. Let’s have a peek at 5 weird things all cats do and why they do them.

1. Present Their Cat Bum

"Hooman, I present to thee my cat bum for your viewing pleasure. Why, you may ask? I do this so you can get to know me on a more personal and feline level, just as I do with my cat friends. I raise my tail to let you know that I mean no threat and that I'm happy to meet you. My bum in your face is, quite simply, a gift"

2. Eat Grass

There's a cat food bowl of fresh kibble by the door, but your fur baby still decides to chow down on grass while they explore their outdoor cat enclosure. Why? This cat behaviour is still a mystery to hooman-kind. It may provide them with nutrients missing from their diet or provide fibre to help with digestion and clearing out hairballs. It's perfectly safe, just make sure they steer clear from any toxic plants.

3. Make Kitty Biscuits

Does your adult cat knead you, a pillow or their favourite toy? Don't be alarmed, they're not tenderising you for the final kill. A kneading cat wants to convey comfort, communicate affection and relieve stress and anxiety. If you're lucky enough to receive a kitty kneading, also known as making biscuits, from your fur baby it means your cat is marking you as their family.

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4. Butt Heads

If your kitty likes to headbutt their soft little noggin' into your face, then you are one lucky hooman! Headbutting, also known as cat bunting, is a sign of affection and ownership. So when your cat headbutts you, they are letting the world know that you are their hooman.

5. Stop, Flop and Roll

When your kitty-cat suddenly stops, flops and rolls in front of you they are asking you for attention. Don't be mistaken, hooman, most puddas that display this cat behaviour are NOT asking for belly rubs. They simply want your attention, followed by a back scratch, full body pat or a quick game of chase the cardboard roll. The choice is... probably not yours.

Does your weirdo get enough time out and about in the great outdoors? It's not as scary as it seems. Your cat can have the freedom of the backyard without the danger. Have a peek at our range of cat enclosures here and keep your quirky puddas happy and healthy.


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