Keep Your Kitten Safe and Happy Outdoors!

siamese kitten

Kittens. No other fur baby induces as much squee and aww as these furbulous fluff monsters. As far as baby animals go, kittens are the best. The cutest. The most pawesome. Trust us, we know about these things. We have performed exhaustive research on the cuteness level of baby animals* and we are yet to find anything cuter than a fur baby kitten. Doesn’t matter if they are playing, pouncing, catnapping, chowing down, licking, scratching, snoozing or sneaking. Kittens. Are. The. Cutest.

When you have a new kitten you want the world for them. And they deserve it. You can’t say no to a gently mewing kitty, especially when they’re giving you the purr-lease eyes. But the world is not always a very nice place for your fur baby. Living indoors has its own set of challenges, of course, but the outside world is whole ‘nother tin of tuna. Our kittens hear the call of the wild, but we want to keep our fluff-balls safe, right? Not to worry, hooman! There is a com-purr-amise. Kittens can now enjoy the great outdoors thanks to the wonders of a secure and stylish outdoor Backyard Cat Enclosure. Kittens love to climb and perch, watching their kitty cat kingdom from on high. The Meow Manor and Kitty Kondo outdoor cat enclosures provide oodles of vertical space for your fur baby to rule from.

Add in some fur-bulous lounging shelves, cat hammocks, cat trees and some challenging and durable kitten toys and your kitten will be playfully entertained for hours.

*Our research involved googling images of baby animals for 10 hours straight. You can be assured that we work very hard to determine cute levels.

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