5 Cutest Kitten Videos of All Time

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Karen Dell

Senior Editor • Backyard Cat Enclosures

27 September 2016

Your love of kittens knows no bounds. Or so you thought. But the internet is, by our estimation, 87% kitten videos and there just isn’t enough time in your life to watch them all. Luckily, we here at Backyard Cat Enclosures have a crack staff who work around the clock, sorting the mind-meltingly adorable from the merely cute. We present the definitive 5 cutest kitten videos ever made, in all of history, for now.

1. What does a kitten love more than a cardboard box? An IKEA warehouse’s worth of boxes. There’s just something about the bewildered joy of these kittens that takes us back to the innocence of childhood - when bill was something you called your mate and a box was more exciting than whatever was inside (unless we’re talking treats).

2. Let’s fast-forward the nostalgia into our teenage years: the years of big dreaming and little doing. Maybe you wanted to be a rock star, or a radio host, or something modest, like an extra in the next Star Wars (one of the good ones). But, one thing you totally didn’t want to be was anything like your parents. Those squares. Before the age of 13, though? Your parents were the knees of bees, as this kitten shows. Let’s hope this speeds up litter training.

3. This next video demonstrates the absolute freedom of being a kitten. Were anything else to make this much noise, this consistently, you’d take it straight to an exorcism. Instead, this kitten made us squeal with such delight that we were nominated for an Academy Award.

4. The term furbaby is sometimes taken a little too literally. For starters, when shopping for toys you should really head straight to our store, and avoid Fisher-Price. But, every so often, breaking the rules pays off, in a big way. Look at that little guy go!

5. What is even going on here? The language barrier is one thing, but the connection between kittens and crockery is tenuous at best. Let’s just say, whatever the explanation, we’re big fans. At least one of these kittens is destined to be a celebrity chef.

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