5 Celebrity Cat Chefs to Watch

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Karen Dell

Senior Editor • Backyard Cat Enclosures

27 September 2016

Don’t look now, but the world of cat cuisine is on the rise. And it’s in no small part thanks to these 5 culinary stars - with each decadent dish these prodigies produce the steaks are raised another whisker length. Make no mistake, these are the foodie felines to watch.

Jamie Pawliver

  • Signature dish - duck à l'orange

Jamie Pawliver has drawn much attention thanks to his effervescent personality and sometimes questionable fashion sense. However, don’t let the fanfare distract you: this is a skilled professional with a commitment to sourcing the freshest ingredients, as seen in this remarkable video from his show Roomba Foodbar.

Treat Evans

  • Signature dish - ratatouille

Treat Evans burst onto the scene as a foul-mouth feline that demanded nothing but the best from his sous-chefs. However, his hard exterior belies a real passion for teaching the art of cooking. We always knew Treat had a heart of gold, and he proves it in his brand-new reality program, Idiot Humans in the Kitchen.

Catston Blumentail
  • Signature dish - crème pûrrlée

Perhaps the most technically proficient chef on this list, this kitty was trained at the famous Féliné Burmessiano Acatemy of Culinary Arts, and it’s no wonder that he takes his craft seriously. He also holds the distinction of being the world’s fastest kibble slicer - all without opposable thumbs! See (and smell!) the master at work right meow at his new restaurant The Kitten’s Roar.

Purrtis Stone

  • Signature dish - kibble casserole

What’s a celebrity chef without celebrity friends? Purrtis Stone doesn’t just weave his magic in the kitchen, but enchants his guests at the dinner table at his stylish Meow Manor in Beverly Hills. Is it any wonder that this charismatic kitty has been invited to host Caturday Night Live? Here he is entertaining his close friend and devoted servant, Ellen DeGeneres.

Nigella Clawson
  • Signature dish - catnip salad with mousecarpone dressing

Nigella Clawson knows that rules, like expensive vases, are made to be broken. And how! This chef is an expert of unusual cooking techniques - you’ve never seen an egg whiskered until you’ve seen Nigella Clawson do it. You can see her in her pawesome new programme, Eat Prey, Love.

If your cat hasn’t shown interest in preparing its own meals, don’t despair, there are plenty of great options out there for your clumsy human hands. Make sure your menu accommodates for allergies!


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