Dry Cat Food vs Wet Cat Food

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Karen Dell

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16 September 2016

We’ve already helped you figure out what to look for in your cat food, but one of the biggest headaches for any pet owner braving the supermarket aisles is: wet cat food, or dry cat food? Since nobody loves a good tussle as much as your cat, we’ve decided to pit the two titans of taste against each other in a battle for dinner time itself. The victor may surprise (and delight) you.

The case for dry cat food

Dry cat food is just plain convenient! Like that old box of water crackers sitting in your pantry, it’ll be there for you whenever you need it. It is easy to store, and is great for hiding around the house to keep an indoor cat engaged in exploring space during feeding time. Dry cat food also works really well with specially-designed puzzle feeders, which encourage the healthy habit of periodic snacking. So much for not playing with your food! Speaking of health, it has been suggested that dry food is better for your cat’s teeth, although it is still no substitute for a regular brushing routine. Finally, dry food is, as a rule, more calorie dense than wet food, and is therefore lighter on the cat-servant’s cat-wallet. Just make sure to keep some clean water out - this cat food is making us thirsty!

The case for wet cat food

Wet food, on the other hand, provides both nutrition and hydration - which mimics that provided by prey in the wild. This is important because cats actually have a fairly poor instinct for hydrating, and feeding your furry friend with wet cat food may prevent them from developing kidney problems in the future. This is particularly important in a hot, dry environment like Australia’s. Wet food is also generally more pungent, which may not appeal to your human sensibilities, but is sure to make your cat’s mouth water.

The case for peace, love and understanding

As with most things in life, the answer lies somewhere in the middle - with apologies if you came here for a definitive answer. The fact is, your cat is a creature of contradiction - they appreciate routine, but, the moment they are aware of an alternative, they will tire from repetitive activities. A cat that is fed one food for its entire life will have great difficulty adapting to any kind of change to its diet, while a cat that is accustomed to switching will be bored by the same diet day after day (just like they do with their toys). Some breeds, like the Persian or Siamese may be even more finicky. Com-paw-mise is the favourite word of most cat-loving humans - feed your cat a mix of dry and wet food to find a happy medium.

If you missed our article about choosing the right cat food, make sure to give it a read. Or, if you’re looking for quality foods to satisfy even the most fussy feline, check out our great range here.


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