The Top 5 Fluffy Cat Breeds

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Karen Dell

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17 October 2017

All cat lovers agree, nothing quite gets the heart racing like a BIG FLUFF MONSTER of a cat. These puddas are not only super cute to look at - they also make fur-bulous cuddle partners and handy lap warmers. Get your grooming brush and lint roller ready - here’s our top 5 fluffy cat breeds to make you squee!

1. Maine coon cat breed

These gentle giants are one of the most popular cat breeds in Australia and it’s not hard to see why. SO. MUCH. FLUFF. In fact, Maine Coon fur babies are some of the biggest pet cats EVER. Just have a sneaky peek and a swoon at Omar the Aussie Maine Coon!

2. Ragdoll cat breed

Ragdolls are many things - groovy, floppy, furry and mischievous. They are also big fluffers with big hearts to match. Ragdoll cats are pretty puddas that can be playful one minute and catnapping the very next. Keep a variety of toys on hand for them to stay stimulated.

3. Persian cat breed

The Persian is THE original fluffy cat. This classic beauty cat breed is world renowned for their fancy fluff. All the better for being primped and pampered at the groomer. These elegant feline lords and ladies are placid and very willing to grace your lap with a fine coat of fur.

4. Norwegian Forest cat breed

With a coat to rival Odin’s beard the Norwegian Forest cat is a mythically meow-vellous fluffy cat breed. These independent hairballs are seas of calm punctuated by sudden bursts of activity and individual play. Keep a cardboard village at the ready for these viking warriors to destroy when the old gods move them.

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5. Himalayan cat breed

The Himalayan cat breed is notoriously low-key. A purrfect mix of Persian and Siamese appearance and personality traits, Himalayan kitties are loyal to their favourite hooman, happy to be independent and fond of a catnap… or five.

If your puddicat identifies as a fluff monster then you as a dutiful hooman should be up to date on your grooming responsibilities. Hairballs, bindis and loose lollipops all pose a threat to your cat’s perfect coat.

No matter the length or density of their fur, the great outdoors will always be calling to your fur-baby and it’s not safe for ANY type of pudda out there. Treat them to the safe freedom of a cat enclosure or cat run and keep that glorious mane in tip top condition with our Paws Playhouse built in arch fluff brush. Fur-bulous!


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