5 Reasons to Love Norwegian Forest Cats

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Karen Dell

Senior Editor • Backyard Cat Enclosures

20 September 2016

By Odin’s beard! If you’re looking for the most honourable of cats, look no further. Love the Norwegian Forest cat and you’ll have a friend ‘til Valhalla!

They’re honoured by the gods themselves

This cat breed is known as Skogkatt in its native land, and with a name like that it’s little surprise that this handsome cat has some pretty colourful history. It is said that Thor himself could not pick up this hefty feline (though we reckon you probably won’t have too much trouble. Take that, Hemsworth!). Meanwhile, the goddess Freya drove a chariot pulled by two Norwegian Forest cats. Talk about getting around in style!

They’re built for war

Give Thor some credit though: this cat breed is very stocky. It’s little wonder, given that they rode around with Viking invaders for a living. Pillaging doesn’t come easy! And just like its Viking servants, this cat wears some thick furs to shield it from the cold sea air. This cat is a born warrior - a cute, fuzzy little warrior, just don’t say that to its face.

They’re legendary mountaineers

No surface is safe from the Norwegian Forest cat. This cat breed has been known to climb sheer rock faces like they were your kitchen curtains. They have some seriously strong claws, so make sure you have a sturdy scratching post or watch your furniture be reduced to rubble.

They’re independent souls

The Skogkatt appreciates your companionship, but don’t expect it to fawn over you day and night. This cat breed has things to do and places to be - usually sleeping in the highest possible spot in the room. Or in the crow’s nest, if you have one.

They’ve braved the frozen seas

There’s an awful lot of freezing salt-spray on those longships, so what’s a shower by comparison? An absolute delight, that’s what. Don’t be surprised to find your Norwegian Forest cat indulging in a shower with you. Ah, warm memories of home.

Now that you’re in love with this proud cat, maybe you’d like to check out their breed profile? Or, if you’d like to indulge your cat’s love of climbing, read up on the importance of outdoor enclosures.


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