5 Reasons to Love Himalayan Cats

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Karen Dell

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20 September 2016

If you’ve ever watched Meet the Parents or Meet the Fockers, chances are you’ll recognise this pretty kitty. But did Hollywood give us a realistic portrayal of  the Himalayan cat with the film franchise’s stand out star Mr Jinx? Let’s see.

Meet the east

Himalayans are a hybrid of Persian and Siamese descent but this beautiful breed didn’t happen by accident, oh no, this cat breed is completely man-made and it only took us 20 years of fine tuning to create this lovable cat breed.


If you’ve been flicking through our selection of cat breed profiles you’ll probably find that Himalayans look familiar and you’d be right. These cats sport the irresistibly fluffy fur of the Persian in the delicious fawn, blue, lilac and chocolate colours of the Siamese. Hollywood nailed it when they picked a Himalayan cat for the role of Mr Jinx, choosing a cat that exemplified the defining features of Himalayans: the stocky body, broad head, small nose and ears, the piercing blue eyes that convey so much emotion and that coat.


Himalayans are generally more active than pampered Persians. While they’re a pretty docile cat breed, happy to curl up in a chair, they still need their fair share of stimulation.  We’re not saying that you need to teach your cat how to use the toilet but your Himalyan cat will appreciate having a steady supply of new toys to challenge both body and mind.

Judging Mr Jinx

We’re happy to tell you that when it comes to Mr Jinx’s temperament Hollywood got Himalayans wrong. Himalyans are actually very affectionate towards their owners and strangers, they’re a very approachable cat breed, a far cry from the  unfriendly, unwelcoming and judging Jinxy. This being said, they do have a tendency to discriminate and will choose a favorite human to serve them and their kitty needs which means Jinx’s relationship with Robert DeNiro is dead on.

More movie roles fur cats

The Mr Jinx character proves that Himalayans are an intelligent cat breed, not only can they be trained to perform in front of cameras but they can, in fact, be trained to sit on the toilet.

To find out more about Himalayans read our breed profile here.


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