Cats that Steal Things - The 5 Cutest Cat Burglar Videos

Photo of Karen Dell

Karen Dell

Senior Editor • Backyard Cat Enclosures

31 January 2018

Does your cat like to steal things like socks, jocks or shiny things? Perhaps your plundering pudda likes to visit the neighbours for a bit of thievery? You're not alone. Many people have criminal fur babies, also known as Cat Burglars.

Let’s have a peek at some of the sneakiest swindlers EVER…

Tiger Tamer

A wild cat is no match for this brazen bandit.

Undies Pirate

Keep an eye on your delicates when this cat is about!

Mission Im-paws-sible

Tom Cat Cruise makes light work of the climb to the treat stash.

Bad News Cat

No need to subscribe to the local rag when your paper boy pudda has sticky paws.

Sock Scrounger

Silly hooman. Socks don't go missing. They are worth their weight in gold on the black cat market.

Bonus - Something Fishy

While this cat's fish heist is unsuccessful, they certainly look adorable during their attempt.

These lovable larrikins like to swipe a variety of objects for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it can be for attention, a sense of play or can be a symptom of boredom. So make sure your little pickpocket has plenty to keep them busy before you send them to purr-ison.

Some cat breeds are more likely than others to be adorable delinquents. Bengals, Munchkins, Pixiebobs and American Bobtails are always on the lookout for an easy lift so hide your valuables from these mean muggin’ moggies.

Need a break from the bandits? Give your cat burglar their own stash spot with a safe and secure outdoor cat enclosure from our range!


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