Top 5 Christmas Cats on Instagram!

Photo of Karen Dell

Karen Dell

Senior Editor • Backyard Cat Enclosures

15 December 2017

Oh Christmas cat, oh Christmas cat! Your tree is so dang shiny! Have a peek at the top 10 Christmas cats on Instagram!

[instagram feed="Bcs_RsUn4WT"]

1. Loving this modern take on the reindeer headpiece!

2. This Persian Floof Grinch makes Jim Carey look like a hack.

3. A classic pose from this cutie Domestic Shorthair!

4. This rescue cat fur baby is not sure how to feel about the festive season.

5. A Siamese fur baby with a dreamy holiday pose.

Cats love Christmas trees and also these kitty-friendly plants. Spoil your Christmas fur baby with something from our shop and keep them safe this summer with a luxurious cat enclosure or cat run.


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