5 Reasons to Love Domestic Shorthair Cats

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Karen Dell

Senior Editor • Backyard Cat Enclosures

20 September 2016

You can forget your pedigree Persians and your high maintenance Himalayans. If you want a real cat look no further than the Domestic Shorthair. We’re often referred to as the ‘mutt’ of the feline world or common but didn’t Jarvis Cocker once sing a whole song about how great it was to be like common people? Well common cats are even better. Let me illuminate you.

We’re a mystery

We don’t just mean in the sense that you’re never quite sure about what we’ve been up to in the alley in the small hours of the morning while you’ve been tucked up in bed, I mean you can’t pin down where we come from. It’s literally impossible. Every cat breed that has ever been can be linked to us Domestic Shorthairs and how many other breeds can say that?

We are the spice of life

And by that I mean variety. We Domestic Shorthairs come in all colours, patterns and eye colours. I mean who doesn’t like to have options? If you were buying a new coat you’d look for different patterns and colours, it’s the same with cats…..although please don’t concentrate too much on our coats we don’t want you to get jealous of how lush our fur is and decide to turn us into an actual coat... I’ve seen 101 Dalmatians I know how you people can be, but then I suppose she’s a stereotypical crazy dog lady…. Let's move on.

We might all look different but we’re still very proud of our appearances, we bathe ourselves everyday and love a good scratching post so you don’t need to worry about keeping us well groomed or wiping our bums with a wet wipe - I kid you not some cats literally need you to wipe their bottom for them!

We’re like a box of chocolates

Some cat breeds - usually the pedigrees - are like stepford cats. All the same. Good looking but with no real substance, you won't get that with a Domestic Shorthair, oh no, due to our, erm, exotic origins you never know what you're going to get. Some of us are chilled out, some of us are natural born hunters, some of us just want to play, some of us just want to sleep and some of us, like me, are simply puuuuuurfect ;)

We’ll love you forever

We might be a cat breed that varies in charm and appearance but deep down we all want the same thing. We want an owner of our own to play with, to cuddle up to on cold winter nights and to wind through your legs while you’re busy in the kitchen or when you walk through the door…. We’re not trying to get in the way we’re just so happy to see you.

We’re adventurous

We love to explore! We domestic shorthairs are naturally inquisitive don’t you know! So don’t keep us cooped up the house for too long, we really hate that. Embrace our adventurous side and let us outside in a safe and fun enclosure and we’ll love you forever.

Find out more about my breed, and honestly, I don’t blame you, I mean I’ve done a pretty good job of selling it to you haven’t I?  


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